Delta Eagle

Delta Eagle

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Delta Eagle

Japanese name



Delta Eagle is Vizor/Antinomy's Duel Runner.[1][2]. Its unusual design allows it to achieve incredible speeds far beyond that of a normal Duel Runner. To onlookers, the sudden burst of acceleration gives the impression that his Duel Runner has vanished completely. When needed, Antinomy is able to call on it from the water near where he washed onto the shore, as Bruno (evidenced in episode 107 when he says "Come, Delta Eagle!" and responsively it comes).

It was destroyed when Antinomy was pulled into a black hole after losing to Yusei Fudo.[3]


Its design allows high speed and handling, such as the two small wheels on the sides for perfect handling in high speed turns, and has only one main wheel instead of the usual two usually found on Duel Runners.

Delta Eagle and Phoenix Whirlwind are the only Duel Runners with one main wheel instead of two.


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