Deepsea Warrior is a character version of the card "Deepsea Warrior".

He appears as an opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, at Stage 12-1 under Quest mode.


Clad in a special suit, this warrior is capable of fighting even under extremely high hydraulic pressure. Ocean bed is like his backyard.

Opponent Quote

Wise men learn from history whereas fools learn only from their own experiences. Are you wise or foolish?



  • "MPa" in this character's Deck name is an abbreviation of "megapascal," which is a multiple of the pascal, an SI derived unit for pressure.
  • Each opponent in Stage 12 is based on a member of the Big Five. This character is based on Gansley, who took the form of its card counterpart in the Virtual World arc. In the Japanese version of said arc, Gansley occasionally quoted various philosophers and warlords on how to build a successful army, which can be highlighted in this character's quote.
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