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To declare ( (せん) (げん) Sengen) is to announce a attack or to choose a property as part of a cost or card effect.

Attack declaration

A player declares an attack by targeting an opponent's monster or announcing that the monster will perform a direct attack. This can only be performed during an open game state during the Battle Phase, and doing so automatically starts the Battle Step.

If a replay occurs, targeting a monster during the replay is not considered declaring an attack. Even if the monster's attack is negated or cancelled due to a replay, it is still considered to have declared an attack.

Property declaration

Some costs and card effects require player to declare a card property or the result of a die roll. Properties that are declared for costs and/or card effects include card name, card type, Type, Attribute, Level, and Extra Deck monster type.

If a player is required to declare a card name, in place of declaring a full card name a precise description of a card's stats, appearance, and/or effects is considered acceptable as long as both players are in clear agreement over which card is being described.[1] Likewise, for different cards with homophonic names, such as "Rai-Mei" and "Raimei", the player must make it clear which card they are referring to when declaring the card name.[2]

When declaring a card name, only the names of existing cards in that game (the TCG or OCG) can be declared; cards that cannot be used in an official Duel (i.e. cards with Limitation Text and non-game cards) cannot be declared.[3] A player cannot declare the name of a Token Monster[4] or a card that's name is always treated as a different name rather than their own name (so "Cyber Harpie Lady" cannot be declared, but "Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss" or "Proto-Cyber Dragon" can be).[5] A player can declare the name of a Forbidden card.[6]

Likewise, when declaring a Type or Attribute, only Types/Attributes that exist in that game (the TCG or OCG) can be declared.[7]


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