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DEATH (デス) (テイー)
  • Desu-Teī




First chapter

26: "Russian Roulette"

Last chapter

40: "A Piece of His Heart"




Monster World

Section 2: Death-T arc ( (だい) (しょう) DEATH (デス) (テイー) (へん) Dainishō Desu-Teī hen) is the second arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Yugi Mutou and his friends face the Death-T theme park, which Seto Kaiba created to get revenge on Yugi.



Game Players Winner Penalty Game
Russian Roulette Dinner Dark Yugi Poisonous Meal
Duel Monsters game Seto Kaiba Experience of Death
Stardust Shootout
  • Yugi Mutou
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Hiroto Honda
  • Johji
Electric Chair Ride
  • Yugi Mutou
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Hiroto Honda
  • Anzu Mazaki
  • Johji
Deathmatch Katsuya Jonouchi
Rhythm Rock
  • Anzu Mazaki
  • Hiroto Honda
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Yugi Mutou
  • Anzu Mazaki
  • Hiroto Honda
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Yugi Mutou
Capsule Monster Chess game
  • Dark Yugi
  • Mokuba Kaiba
Dark Yugi Experience of Death
Duel Monsters game
  • Dark Yugi
  • Seto Kaiba
Dark Yugi MIND CRUSH, Collapse of the Heart


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!Duel025.jpg Duel 25 The One-Inch Terror 1インチの恐怖
Wan Inchi no Kyōfu
The One-Inch Terror
Yugi and Jonouchi go to the arcade to try beat someone's high scores, but end up in a spot of trouble after meeting Street Fighter, who does not take too well to losing.
YuGiOh!Duel026.jpg Duel 26 Russian Roulette 死のロシアン・ルーレット
Shi no Roshian Rūretto
The Russian Roulette of Death
Seto Kaiba invites Yugi and Jonouchi to his mansion, where they are to be treated as V.I.P.s for the grand opening of his secret project the next day. Mokuba still comes across as sinister, but invites the guests to a meal.
YuGiOh!Duel027.jpg Duel 27 Project Start! 計画 (プロジェクト) 始動 (スタート) !!
Purojekuto Sutāto!!
Project Start!!
Kaiba reveals his secret project, as he brings Yugi and Jonouchi to the grand opening of the indoor amusement part Kaiba Land.
YuGiOh!Duel028.jpg Duel 28 Arena #1 第一の戦場 (バトルフィールド)
Daiichi no Batoru Fīrudo
The First Battlefield
Yugi starts the first stage of Death-T.
YuGiOh!Duel029.jpg Duel 29 Shooting Stardust シューティング・スターダスト
Shūtingu Sutādasuto
Shooting Stardust
Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda face Johnny Gayle, Bob McGuire and "name unknown" in the Stardust Shootout.
YuGiOh!Duel030.jpg Duel 30 Don't Make a Sound! 声を出すな!!
Koe o Dasuna!!
Don't Make a Sound!!
The Kaiba Manor butler, subjects Yugi and his friends to the Electric Chair Ride.
YuGiOh!Duel031.jpg Duel 31 Murderer's Mansion 殺人 (マーダーズ) (マンション)
Mādāzu no Manshon
Murderer's Mansion
Yugi and his friends enter the Murderer's Mansion stage of Death-T.
YuGiOh!Duel032.jpg Duel 32 Chainsaw Deathmatch!! チェンソーデスマッチ!!
Chensō Desumacchi!!
Chainsaw Deathmatch!!
Jonouchi is lured into a deathmatch with the Chopman.
YuGiOh!Duel033.jpg Duel 33 Terror Cubed!!! 正方形の恐怖!!!
Seihōkei no Kyōfu!!!
Terror Cubed!!!
Inside the empty Death-T 3 room, Yugi and his friends reminisce over how their lives have changed, before large blocks start to fall from the ceiling.
YuGiOh!Duel0034.jpg Duel 34 Arena #2 第2の闘技場!!!
Arena #2
As Yugi, Jonouchi and Anzu grieve over the loss of Honda, Yugi admits to thinking there is another Yugi inside him, before advancing to face Mokuba in the next stage of Death-T.
YuGiOh!Duel035.jpg Duel 35 Board Game Deathmatch 盤上の死闘
Banjō no Shitō
Board Game Deathmatch
Dark Yugi faces Mokuba in a game of Capsule Monster Chess in the penultimate stage of Death-T.
YuGiOh!Duel0036.jpg Duel 36 Battle Beyond Hope 無常のラストバトル
Mujō no Rasutobatoru
The Unknown Last Battle
Seto Kaiba tries to inflict the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game on Mokuba for losing to Dark Yugi. Afterwards, Seto faces Dark Yugi in a game of Duel Monsters in the final stage of Death-T.
YuGiOh!Duel037.jpg Duel 37 To the Death!! 死闘!!死闘!!
Shitō!! Shitō!!
Deathmatch!! Deathmatch!!
Dark Yugi continues his Duel with Seto Kaiba. Yugi mostly plays defensive, while Kaiba maintains the upper hand, with his powered-up "Saggi the Dark Clown".
YuGiOh!Duel038.jpg Duel 38 The Terror of Blue-Eyes!! 青眼の恐怖!!
Burūaizu no Kyōfu!!
The Terror of Blue-Eyes!!
Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba continue their Duel in Death T-5. Kaiba Summons more copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" making things more difficult for Yugi.
YuGiOh!Duel039.jpg Duel 39 Endgame!! 死闘の果て!!
Shitō no Hate!!
End of the Deathmatch!!
With his life depending on what he gets, Dark Yugi prepares to draw his final card in his Duel against Kaiba. His only hope is to get the final piece of "Exodia", but he starts to doubt he can get it.
YuGiOh!Duel040.jpg Duel 40 A Piece of His Heart 心の1片
Kokoro no Ichiben
A Piece of His Heart
After defeating Seto Kaiba, Dark Yugi inflicts the "Mind Crush" Penalty Game and Mokuba tells the story of how Seto grew-up to be the way he is.