Darkness/Trap E
ダークネス/ (トラップ)
English Darkness/Trap E
Japanese (kana) ダークネス/トラップE
Japanese (base) ダークネス/罠E
Japanese (rōmaji) Dākunesu/Torappu Ī
Card type Trap
Property Continuous
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Darkness/Trap E +
Darkness/Trap E +
ダークネス/トラップE +
ダークネス/罠E +
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Activate only by the [[Card effect|effActivate only by the effect of "Darkness/Trap B". When this card is activated: Inflict 2000 damage to 1 opponent player. Each time another "Darkness" Continuous Trap Card is activated, inflict 2000 damage to 1 opponent player.<div style="text-align: center">-I activate "Darkness 3"!-</div>Darkness 3"!-
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Darkness/Trap E +
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Dākunesu/Torappu Ī +
Continuous Trap Card +
Dākunesu/Torappu Ī +
ダークネス/ (トラップ) +
ダークネス/ (トラップ) +
Continuous +