Dark Yugi and the Ventriloquist of the Dead's Duel was a Duel in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga between Dark Yugi and the Ventriloquist of the Dead, during the Duelist Kingdom tournament. The ventriloquist used a puppet of Seto Kaiba to make his moves.

In the anime, it is replaced with a similar Duel between Dark Yugi and Ghost Kaiba.



D-015 Stop right there

Saruwatari forbids the exchange of Star Chips.

Saruwatari worked for KaibaCorp, but was secretly a spy for Industrial Illusions. After Seto Kaiba fell into a coma, Saruwatari managed to steal his Deck. He gave this to the Player Killer, the Ventriloquist of the Dead, who used it with a puppet to impersonate Kaiba.

Mokuba Kaiba attempted to steal Dark Yugi's Star Chips, hoping to disqualify him from Duelist Kingdom, which he believed would ruin Maximillion Pegasus' attempt to take over KaibaCorp. However he only managed to grab two of Dark Yugi's three Star Chips and Dark Yugi grabbed him by the arm before he could run away. Dark Yugi and Anzu Mazaki managed to convince Mokuba that they would help him stop Pegasus.

As Mokuba tried returning the Star Chips to Dark Yugi, he was stopped by Saruwatari, who told them that Star Chips could only be earned through Dueling. Dark Yugi challenged Saruwatari to a Duel for the Star Chips, but since Saruwatari didn't play, he arranged an opponent for Dark Yugi, the Ventriloquist of the Dead.

The ventriloquist spoke through the puppet, which pretended to be Kaiba and talked about wanting to kill Yugi as revenge. Each player bet three Star Chips. The ventriloquist held his hand of cards in his left hand and got the puppet to draw and play his cards. Dark Yugi was annoyed by how he was making a mockery of Kaiba, but the ventriloquist had hoped for this as he planned on intimidating his opponents.

The Duel

Ventriloquist's turn
D-015 Puppet playing

The ventriloquist gets the puppet to hold his cards.

The ventriloquist Summoned "Battle Ox" (ATK: 1700), which Dark Yugi recognized as a card also used by the real Kaiba.

Dark Yugi's turn
Dark Yugi Summoned "Dark Magician" (ATK: 2500) and got it to attack and destroy "Battle Ox" (Ventriloquist: 2000 → 1200 Life Points).

The ventriloquist had the puppet wail about how Dark Yugi got him. This disturbed Dark Yugi and he wondered how far the ventriloquist planned on taking his act. Dark Yugi's friends began to notice how the puppet was putting him off at this point.

Ventriloquist's turn
As the puppet drew the next card, the ventriloquist had it say "The d-d-dragon of r-r-revenge has risen from Hell!!" and ask if Dark Yugi is ready. He then Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Mokuba, Dark Yugi and his friends were all surprised by this, as only the real Seto Kaiba owned copies of that card.

The ventriloquist had the puppet claim to be Kaiba's soul borrowing the doll as a body in order to exact revenge on Dark Yugi. This had Dark Yugi wonder if the part of Kaiba's soul containing his undying grudge and thirst for vengeance were actually part of the doll.

By forfeiting his attack, the ventriloquist played "Stop Defense" face-down and laughed to himself that Dark Yugi's monsters would soon have nowhere to run.

Dark Yugi's turn
With the "Dark Magician" not powerful enough to compete with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Dark Yugi switched it to Defense Mode (DEF: 2100) and then played "Curse of Dragon" in Defense Mode (DEF: 1500). Having expected that, the ventriloquist revealed his "Stop Defense" as he activated it forcing Dark Yugi's current and future monsters into Attack Mode ("Dark Magician": 2500 ATK, "Curse of Dragon": 2000 ATK).
Ventriloquist's turn
The ventriloquist began to pick away at Dark Yugi's monsters and Life Points by having "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacking and destroying "Curse of Dragon" (Dark Yugi: 2000 → 1000 Life Points).

This left Dark Yugi in a brief start of panic as he began to lose sight of victory. Saruwatari joked about how Kaiba might be happily watching the Duel from Heaven. This prompted Mokuba to argue that Kaiba isn't dead and tell Dark Yugi that he had trusted him during Death-T, when he said Kaiba would come back and he had believed him. Having waited so long, he asked Dark Yugi where Kaiba is. Dark Yugi agreed with Mokuba, thinking he should have faith in Kaiba and thought to himself that he won't lose.
Dark Yugi's turn
D-016 Hats

"Magical Hats" conceals Dark Yugi's monsters.

Dark Yugi activated "Magical Hats", concealing "Dark Magician" under one hat and shuffling it with three others.

Ventriloquist's turn
After pondering about what "Magical Hats" did, the ventriloquist concluded that "Dark Magician" was indeed hiding under one of them. He got "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to attack to attack the one on his center right, but it turned out to be empty.
Dark Yugi's turn
Dark Yugi played "Spellbinding Circle" face-down under one of the hats. He explained that out of the three remaining hats, the "Dark Magician" is under one and the ventriloquist hits it, it'll be destroyed, but if he hits the wrong one, he may activate the Trap Card that was just Set.
Ventriloquist's turn
Facing odds of one-in-three, the ventriloquist attacked the middle hat. This turned out to contain "Spellbinding Circle", which ensnared the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and reduced its ATK. (ATK: 3000 → 2300).
Dark Yugi's turn
Dark Yugi got "Dark Magician" to emerge from its hat and attack and destroy "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". (Ventriloquist: 1200 → 700 Life Points; this appears to be a miscalculation, as his Life Points should have dropped to 1000). Dark Yugi's friends celebrated him defeating what they believed to be the world's rarest card.

Ventriloquist's turn
The ventriloquist Summoned the second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and used it to attack and destroy "Dark Magician" (Dark Yugi: 1000 → 500 Life Points).

Dark Yugi was surprised, believing it was the same "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" at first, until the puppet continued to taunt him, reminding him that there were three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards in the Deck.
Dark Yugi's turn
Thinking that there are no cards left in his Deck that can defeat a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Dark Yugi thought he had lost. With limited options, he played "Feral Imp" in Attack Mode (ATK: 1300) and expected defeat next turn.
Ventriloquist's turn
D-017 Self-destruct

The "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" destroys itself.

The ventriloquist laughed that it was over and declared an attack on "Feral Imp". However "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" refused to attack, while at the same moment, over in Kaiba Manor, the real Kaiba woke from his coma. Standing up and disregarding the puppet, he demanded to know what was happening. The dragon then began to disappear and the dropped the puppet as he wondered what was happening. From this point onwards, the ventriloquist dueled without using the puppet. Dark Yugi suspected that this is to do with the real Kaiba, as he was confident that Kaiba's will to live existed in his cards.

Dark Yugi's friends celebrated the dragon's self-destruction. Anzu wondered why it happened and thought it was like Kaiba's card refused to attack, but Jonouchi said that was stupid, since cards can't think like people do. Saruwatari suspected some sort of malfunction in the Battle Box, but Mokuba said that KaibaCorp technology does not break that easily and that not just anybody was capable of using his brother's cards.

With no monsters left in play, Dark Yugi urged the ventriloquist to hurry-up and play one. The ventriloquist played "Grappler" in Defense Mode (DEF: 1200), hoping to play defensive until he drew the last "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Dark Yugi's turn
Dark Yugi played either "Mirror Force" or "Monster Reborn" face-down in the Spell & Trap Card Zone and Summoned "Celtic Guardian" (ATK: 1400), which he used to attack and destroy "Grappler".
Ventriloquist's turn
The ventriloquist played an unnamed monster in Defense Mode and a "Negate Attack" face-down in the Spell & Trap Card Zone.
Dark Yugi's turn
Dark Yugi played the other of "Mirror Force" or "Monster Reborn" face-down in the Spell & Trap Card Zone and Summoned "Mystical Elf" in Attack Mode (ATK: 800).

Looking at Dark Yugi's field, the ventriloquist thought the amount of monsters he had didn't matter, since Dark Yugi would lose if "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" destroyed just one of them. Jonouchi noted how he was getting a bad vibe off the Duel, which was hard to watch with the intensity. With face-down cards on both sides, Bakura bet that one of them was the trump card that would decide the Duel.
Ventriloquist's turn
D-017 Attack Nullified

The attack reflected by "Mirror Force" is sucked into space-time by "Negate Attack".

The ventriloquist drew the third "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and Summoned it (ATK: 3000).

"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked "Mystical Elf", who had begun chanting a spell. Dark Yugi activates "Mirror Force" to reflect the attack back at "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but the ventriloquist blocked it with "Negate Attack".
Dark Yugi's turn
D-017 Holy Burst Stream

"Mystical Elf" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" combine attacks.

Dark Yugi activated his face-down "Monster Reborn", causing the ventriloquist to worry that one of his monsters could be revived onto Dark Yugi's side of the field. Dark Yugi corrected him saying it was not one of his cards he was bringing back, but Kaiba's and revived one of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards.

The ventriloquist thought the equally matched dragons would have to destroy each other. However, due to the spell "Mystical Elf" had been chanting, Dark Yugi was able to transfer her ATK to another monster and he choose the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" he revived (ATK: 3000 → 3800). His "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked and destroyed the other one, defeating the ventriloquist.


D-017 Living doll illusion

The ventriloquist's Penalty Game.

Angered at the ventriloquist for stealing Kaiba's Deck and playing his soul with a doll, Dark Yugi inflicted a Penalty Game on the ventriloquist. As a result, the ventriloquist imagined the Kaiba doll changed form to resemble himself, come to life and taunt him.

After the Duel, Dark Yugi had six Star Chips and managed to get back Kaiba's Deck. However Saruwatari did not keep his end of the deal and had brought Mokuba back to Pegasus Castle while no one else was paying attention.

Cards used

The following cards were used in this Duel.

A number of the cards were released as different types and with different effects in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

Dark Yugi
Ventriloquist of the Dead


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