Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba faced each other in a game of Duel Monsters in the second Battle City semifinal, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.



After Death-T, Yugi had hoped to face Kaiba in a fair Duel.[1] At the conclusion of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, Kaiba shared a similar sentiment, declaring his battle with Dark Yugi to be unfinished until he defeated Dark Yugi in a fair Duel.[2] With Dark Yugi as the only Duelist that Kaiba recognized as a rival,[3] Dueling him became one of Kaiba's goals in the Battle City tournament.[4] Having seen the Tablet of Memory depicting himself battling Priest Seto, Dark Yugi wondered if the tablet had predicted his present-day conflict with Kaiba[5] and believed they were fated to battle.[6] Yugi entered Battle City, hoping it would give him the chance for the fair Duel with Kaiba.[7]

After translating the effects of Dark Marik's God card, "The Sun Dragon Ra", Kaiba calculated the odds of his Deck defeating it as being 13%.[8] Among the factors to improve his chances, he figured he would need to win "Slifer the Sky Dragon" from Dark Yugi[6] and see "Ra" used in battle again. For these reasons, he decided he would need to face Dark Yugi in one semifinal and have Katsuya Jonouchi face Dark Marik in the other.[9] His actions in the pairing-organizing battle royal, contributed to achieving these match-ups.[10]

Kaiba regarded his semifinal with Yugi to be a Duel to determine the ultimate Duelist. As such he prepared a befitting setting, the "Sky Duel Coliseum", a Solid Vision virtual reality stage.[11]

Following Jonouchi and Dark Marik's Duel, Jonouchi was left unconscious and not breathing. He was considered dead by Dark Marik. With one hour until the next semifinal, Kaiba instructed Dark Yugi to overcome his friend's death and return in time for their Duel. Dark Yugi began to lose the will to continue fighting, until the Millennium Tauk showed him a vision of him and Jonouchi Dueling in the future.[12]

Dark Yugi returned to the top of the Duel Tower to face Kaiba. Kaiba had been worried that Dark Yugi's anguish would make the Duel a walkover, but was soon relieved to see that he still had his fighting spirit.[13]


Sky Duel Coliseum

The Sky Duel Coliseum

Kaiba announced that the site was too drab and unworthy of their Duel. He got the pillars at the top of the Duel Tower to fold back and activate their Solid Vision projectors, setting up the Sky Duel Coliseum. He declared that they would fight their decisive battle like Roman gladiators and prompted Dark Yugi to draw his sword from his Deck.[11]

Turn 1: Dark Yugi

As he drew, Dark Yugi viewed his right hand as holding his sword, his card, his pride and his left hand as holding his shield, his Deck, his soul.[11]

Dark Yugi Summoned "Queen's Knight" in Defense Mode and Set "Lightforce Sword".[11]

Turn 2: Kaiba


Kaiba draws "The God of the Obelisk".

Kaiba drew "The God of the Obelisk" and smiled, thinking that the god of victory smiled upon him. He began to focus on a way of putting three Sacrifices onto the field.[11]

Dark Yugi wondered what kind of strategy Kaiba would use. He considered that it could be the Deck-destruction strategy he used against Ishizu Ishtar in this Duel. But with Dark Yugi already accustomed to the ins and outs of that tactic, he suspected Kaiba would employ a yet unseen strategy.[11]

Kaiba made plans for an instant-kill combo. He began by Summoning "X-Head Cannon" and Setting "Enemy Controller". He ended his turn, thinking he would finish Dark Yugi next turn.[11]

Turn 3: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi noted how Kaiba neglected to attack, despite having the stronger monster and wondered if Kaiba was cautious of his face-down card, but considered that there may be more to it.[11]

Dark Yugi Summoned "Kuriboh" in Defense Mode. Kaiba was unimpressed and thought he would teach Dark Yugi how foolish it is to play low-Level monsters against him.[11]

Turn 4: Kaiba

Kaiba activated "Soul Exchange", taking Dark Yugi's "Queen's Knight" and "Kuriboh", allowing him to Sacrifice them, but also relinquishing his sacrificial privileges of his own monsters to Dark Yugi. As soon as "X-Head Cannon" went to Dark Yugi's side, Kaiba activated his face-down "Enemy Controller", allowing him to control "X-Head Cannon". By paying 1000 Life Points (Kaiba: 4000 → 3000 Life Points) and entering the command "⬅ ➡ Ⓐ Ⓑ", he was able to Sacrifice "X-Head Cannon".[11]

Lightforce Sword on Obelisk

"Lightforce Sword pierces "The God of the Obelisk.

With three Sacrifices ready, Kaiba was able to Summon "The God of the Obelisk". As he announced what he was doing and put his fingers on the "Obelisk" card, Dark Yugi activated "Lightforce Sword", taking it out of Kaiba's hand for 3 turns. He taunted Kaiba, telling him not to get too hasty, as the game had only just begun. Kaiba smiled and thought the same was true for the countdown to Dark Yugi's defeat.[11]

With the Summoning of "Obelisk" canceled, the Sacrifices remained on the field and the effect of "Soul Exchange" ended. Although Kaiba was unable to use "Obelisk" for another three turns, he was not bothered too much, since he still had a plan to Summon a God, making use of "Voice of the Heavens".[14]

Turn 5: Dark Yugi

With two monsters on the field, Dark Yugi was one away from having enough Sacrifices for "Slifer the Sky Dragon", but was concerned since he had not yet drawn "Slifer". Neither of his monsters were capable of defeating "X-Head Cannon", so he Set "Exchange" and ended his turn. Kaiba noted that if he keeps running like that, the three turns will be over in an instant.[14]

Dark Marik being weird

Dark Marik, watching the Duel, with his body sticking through a wall of the coliseum

Dark Marik arrived at the stage, keen on seeing the battle between "Obelisk" and "Slifer". He examined the situation, observing that "Obelisk" had been pinned and Dark Yugi could not attack. He wondered who would Summon their God card first and who would win, when he believed that the victor would suffer death at his hands. Regardless of who was to win, he maintained that he would be killing Dark Yugi either way.[14]

Turn 6: Kaiba

Kaiba Summoned "Y-Dragon Head" and Dark Yugi noted its similar naming syntax to "X-Head Cannon". He wondered if they were magnet monsters with the ability to fuse. From the fear in Dark Yugi's eyes, Kaiba saw that he had figured it out and fused his monsters to form "XY-Dragon Cannon". He warned Dark Yugi that with the final part, "Z", he would achieve their ultimate fusion. Kaiba's fused monsters would be too strong for Dark Yugi's to overcome and after two turns would provide sufficient Sacrifice for "Obelisk". Dark Yugi realized that Kaiba had planned this from the beginning and thought it was a perfect strategy for Summoning God.[14]

"XY-Dragon Cannon" attacked and destroyed "Kuriboh". Although Dark Yugi was losing no Life Points in having his Defense Mode monsters destroyed, he worried that it would not matter, since "Obelisk" was capable of killing him in one shot with its 4000 ATK.[14]

Jonouchi Exchange reflection

Dark Yugi reflects on how "Exchange" was used to win back Jonouchi's friendship

Kaiba asked if it scared Dark Yugi, knowing that his God card would be freed in three turns and what if he were to say that he did not have to wait. He declared that the God cards always wind up in the hands of the ultimate Duelist. Dark Marik agreed, but claimed that he was said "ultimate Duelist", rather than Kaiba. Kaiba then activated "Voice of the Heavens", paying 1000 Life Points (Kaiba: 3000 → 2000 Life Points) to declare "Slifer the Sky Dragon", allowing him to take that from Dark Yugi's Deck. "Slifer" was near the bottom of Dark Yugi's Deck, with "Dark Magician Girl", being at the very bottom. Being that far down, Kaiba reckoned Dark Yugi would not have drawn it this Duel. He laughed and asked if Dark Yugi now understood that the God cards only obey him. However Dark Yugi smiled and replied "We'll see about that." He gestured to his face-down, "Exchange", and said that he had planned on activating it the moment that "Obelisk" went free.[14]

Dark Yugi reflected on the Duel against Jonouchi, who was brainwashed by Marik Ishtar and how "Exchange" was used then to win back Jonouchi's friendship. He activated "Exchange", while thinking that he inherited a part of Jonouchi's Duelist spirit that day, and took back "Slifer the Sky Dragon".[14] Kaiba, being able to a card from Dark Yugi's hand, took "Life Shaver".[15]

Although Dark Yugi had gotten his God card into his hand, Kaiba was confident he could stop him Summoning it, by using his "XY-Dragon Cannon" to destroy Dark Yugi's monsters before he could gather three Sacrifices. Dark Yugi worried that even with "Slifer", the "Life Shaver" he had given Kaiba could render "Slifer" almost powerless.[15]

Turn 7: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi Summoned "Big Shield Guardna" in Defense Mode and Set "Soul Rope".[15]

Turn 8: Kaiba

XYZ combo complete

Kaiba completes his "XYZ" combo.

Dark Marik thought that Dark Yugi would have no chance of winning if Kaiba manages to Summon "Obelisk". He hoped that Dark Yugi would not disappoint him, since he would get no fun out of crushing someone who is already half-dead.[15]

Kaiba Set[15] "Interdimensional Matter Transporter",[16] which Dark Yugi suspected was "Life Shaver". He Summoned his third magnet monster, "Z-Metal Tank". With "X", "Y" and "Z" on the field, Kaiba fused the three to form "XYZ-Dragon Cannon".[15]

King, Jack and Queen's Knight - manga

Dark Yugi Summons the Three Musketeers of Face Cards.

"XYZ" attacked and destroyed "Big Shield Gardna", which Dark Yugi had hoped for. He knew that Kaiba loved an easy target and would not be able to resist killing "Big Shield Guardna". Since one of his monsters was just destroyed, Dark Yugi was able to activate "Soul Rope", which he used to Summon "King's Knight" with paying 1000 Life Points (Dark Yugi: 4000 → 3000 Life Points). Having both the king and queen on the field, he got to Summon "Jack's Knight". Like Kaiba's magnet monsters, Dark Yugi remarked that his Deck also contained monsters to help him Summon God cards.[15]

Turn 9: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi sacrificed "Jack", "Queen" and "King's Knight" to Summon "Slifer the Sky Dragon".[15] Kaiba was annoyed that Dark Yugi managed to Summon a God card before him and the virtual spectators began booing.[16]

Kaiba pointed out that with three cards in Dark Yugi's hand, "Slifer" only had 3000 ATK. Dark Yugi replied that it was enough to top the 2800 that "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" had, allowing him to destroy it and Kaiba's plan to Summon "Obelisk". Kaiba urged him to go ahead and try. Dark Yugi was made reluctant by this confidence and reconsidered that Kaiba's face-down card might not be "Life Shaver". Having not been face-down for a single full turn, "Life Shaver" would not make Dark Yugi discard anything and hence have no effect on "Slifer". Dark Marik wondered if Kaiba was bluffing and silently commended him for holding off a God card with a single face-down card. By not attacking, Dark Yugi would allow Kaiba to Summon "Obelisk" next turn, so he decided he could not back down and gambled on the chance that Kaiba's face-down was "Life Shaver".[16]

"Slifer" attacked "XYZ-Dragon Cannon", and Kaiba activated his face-down, "Interdimensional Matter Transporter", causing "XYZ" to disappear from the attack destination, causing "Slifer" to miss, and promptly reappear.[16]

Dark Yugi Set[16] "Pot of Greed",[17] which surprised Kaiba, since it lowered the number of cards in his hand, and therefore the ATK of "Slifer" ("Slifer": 3000 → 2000 ATK, 3000 → 2000 DEF).[16]

Turn 10: Kaiba

Slifer and Obelisk Summoned

"Slifer" and "Obelisk", Summoned

Dark Yugi mentioned that now "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" might even be strong enough to defeat "Slifer", without Kaiba Summoning his God card. Like how Kaiba tested him last turn, he said that it was now his turn to test Kaiba's will.[16]

The effect of "Lightforce Sword" ended and "Obelisk" returned to Kaiba's hand. "XYZ-Dragon Cannon", having a composition of three magnet monsters, could be used as three Sacrifices, so Kaiba offered it to Summon "The God of the Obelisk". Dark Yugi could sense immense power inside of "Obelisk" and found himself shaking in fear, like he never felt before. Kaiba announced that the clash of the titans had come, that all of the God cards were to become his and he would become the King of Duelists.[16]

Ishizu observes the battle of the Gods

The Duel, being observed from the Battle Ship

In the Battle Ship, parked outside the Duel Tower, Ishizu, from Rishid's bedside, observed that the battle of the Gods had finally begun. In the ship's infirmary, Honda alerted Anzu, Shizuka and Ryuji when he saw "Obelisk" and "Slifer" Summoned on top of the Duel Tower. He made a plea for Jonouchi, who was still unconscious from his Duel with Dark Marik, to wake up and cheer for Dark Yugi. Against the doctor's orders, he lifted Jonouchi out of the bed and brought him over to the window. The doctor then noted a slight improvement on Jonouchi's heart rate monitor.[17]

Since Kaiba Summoned a monster, the "Summon Lightning Shot" effect of "Slifer" was activated, reducing the ATK of "Obelisk" by 2000 ("Obelisk": 4000 → 2000 ATK). Kaiba noted that the God cards now had the same ATK, but on the next turn "Obelisk" would return to 4000, while "Slifer" would rise to 3000. He thought that the outcome of the Duel would depend on the next turn and Set "Life Shaver".[17]

Turn 11: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi drew a card, raising the number of cards in his hand to three. ("Slifer": 2000 → 3000 ATK, 2000 → 3000 DEF). The stat-reduction effect wore off of "Obelisk" ("Obelisk": 2000 → 4000 ATK).[17]

Dark Yugi was conscious about playing more cards, since it would lower the ATK of "Slifer", so he ended his turn.[17]

Turn 12: Kaiba

"Obelisk" attacked "Slifer", but Dark Yugi activated "Pot of Greed", drawing two cards ("Slifer": 3000 → 5000 ATK, 3000 → 5000 DEF). Kaiba responded with "Life Shaver", causing Dark Yugi to discard[17] "Dark Magician"[18] ("Slifer": 5000 → 4000 ATK), leaving the two God cards with the same ATK.[17]

Light of Memory - ball

The Light of Memory, forming a sphere

As "Obelisk" and "Slifer" destroyed each other, a brilliant white light was emitted, forming a sphere, which engulfed Dark Yugi and Kaiba. The spectators in the Battle Ship saw the light and wondered if the Duel Tower was after exploding. The Millennium Rod began to glow; a phenomenon Dark Marik equated to its behavior during Kaiba and Ishizu's Duel, leaving him conclude that another of Kaiba's memories was about to manifest. The Millennium Puzzle reacted similarly and Dark Yugi and Kaiba consciously found themselves floating min-air at the ruins of the pharaoh's palace, in ancient Egypt, where they witnessed some of the battle between Priest Seto and Pharaoh Atem.[19]

D-198 Pharaoh VS Priest

Dark Yugi and Kaiba witness Atem and Seto's battle.

Seto and Atem, stood at opposite sides of an arena. Seto declared that the High Priest of Darkness had conquered Heaven and Earth with his evil power and that Atem's divine right and Millennium Items were worthless against the power of darkness. He professed himself an enemy to Atem, with one wish to defeat him with his own hands. The two began to battle. Using their Millennium Items, Seto and Atem erected stone slabs and Summoned The White Dragon and Dark Magician, respectively. Dark Yugi and Kaiba recognized the scene as the one depicted on the Tablet of Memory.[19]

Kaiba and Dark Yugi returned to reality, where their God cards had both been destroyed. Dark Yugi and Kaiba were both certain that had seen themselves fighting each other in that vision. Dark Yugi was confident the scene was from his memories. They accepted that the Duel was fate and that they would not need the God cards to finish it.[19] Trying to think of a logical explanation for what happened, Kaiba thought it must have been a realistic illusion. However the presence of the king, facing the priest and the immense fighting spirit from the two convinced him otherwise. Regardless of what he had seen, he affirmed that his goal was to defeat Dark Yugi and become the King of Duelists.[18]

Kaiba Set "Clone Reproduction" and thought to himself that the only thing that can beat Dark Yugi is a card that surpasses the Gods, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which he had in his hand.[18]

Turn 13: Dark Yugi

With no monsters on Kaiba's side of the field, Dark Yugi wondered if he could make a successful attack and Summoned "Baphomet". Kaiba then activated "Clone Reproduction", Summoning a copy of "Baphomet" to his side and reminded Dark Yugi that a battle would result in the destruction of both monsters. Dark Yugi switched "Baphomet" to Defense Mode and Set[18] "Magic Formula".[20] Kaiba commented that it was a wise move, but that he was going to Sacrifice the clone.[18]

Turn 14: Kaiba

Coliseum Duel Blue-Eyes Summoned

Kaiba Summons "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

With the God cards in the Graveyard, Dark Yugi deduced that Kaiba's next play would be "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Since he we need an extra monster to perform the Sacrifice Summon, Dark Yugi figured he would not be able to play it this turn and wondered if he would be able to draw his own key card, "Monster Reborn", before then. However Kaiba activated "Cost Down", lowering the Level of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" by two, allowing him to Summon it with a single Sacrifice, and used the clone monster to do so. He warned Dark Yugi that the ancient illusion was over and that this was reality, where Dark Yugi was to be defeated.[18]

"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked and destroyed "Baphomet".[18]

Turn 15: Dark Yugi

Kaiba and Dark Yugi continue the ancient battle

Dark Yugi and Kaiba continue the ancient battle.

Dark Yugi drew "Monster Reborn". He reminded Kaiba of the tablet depicting the battle they witnessed. Pharaoh or priest, he said it did not matter who the people were, what was carved was their spirit as Duelists and that spirit has been passed on to him and Kaiba. He then activated "Monster Reborn" to revive "Dark Magician", which Kaiba realized must have been the card discarded for "Life Shaver". The field now echoed the scene from the tablet. Dark Yugi noted that the tablet did not say what happened next and that it was time for them to settle it.[18]

Dark Yugi Set "Spellbinding Circle".[20]

Turn 16: Kaiba

Kaiba rationalized that the vision was an illusion created by subliminal suggestion; when they saw the carving of the king and the priest, that image was carved into their brains and released during the stress of the battle. He laughed at the notion of Dark Yugi being a king from 3000 years earlier and declared Dark Yugi to be a prisoner, bound by a chain of the past.[20]

Kaiba activated "Card of Demise", raising the number of cards in his hand to five and Set "Magical Trick Mirror".[20]

Having Dueled Dark Yugi three times before, Kaiba considered himself to be thoroughly familiar with his strategies and capable of seeing through his Deck. He examined Dark Yugi's face-down cards and suspected that they must consist of something to raise the ATK of "Dark Magician" and a Trap Card, triggered by "Blue-Eyes" attacking, which he figured would be "Spellbinding Circle". He Summoned "Lord of D.", making his Dragons immune to magic, including "Spellbinding Circle".[20]

Turn 17: Dark Yugi

Obelisk as a shield

Kaiba uses "Obelisk" as a shield.

Dark Yugi Summoned "Beta the Magnet Warrior", in Defense Mode. Since "Lord of D." had thrown off his plan, he attacked it with "Dark Magician"; a move which Kaiba had predicted. Kaiba activated "Magical Trick Mirror", allowing him to play "Monster Reborn" from Dark Yugi's Graveyard, which he used to revive "The God of the Obelisk" in Defense Mode. "Obelisk", acted as a shield, becoming the target of the attack. Having a higher DEF than the ATK of "Dark Magician", Dark Yugi took the difference as damage (Dark Yugi: 3000 → 1500 Life Points).[20]

Dark Yugi Set[20] "Magic Cylinder".[21] Since "Monster Reborn" can only affect a God card for a single turn, "Obelisk" returned to Kaiba's Graveyard at the end of the turn.[20]

Turn 18: Kaiba

Coliseum Duel - Three Blue-Eyes

Kaiba assembles his three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".

Kaiba vowed to crush Dark Yugi this turn, along with the visions of his own past in his heart. Dark Yugi considered that Kaiba might be correct about him wallowing in the past, but even so thought he could not move forward without what his lost memories were. Kaiba declared this to be the final turn and activated "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to Summon his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".[20]

With only two monsters, both weaker than "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Dark Yugi worried that he was unable to defend himself and wondered if it was all over. Kaiba warned Dark Yugi to brace himself and carve Kaiba's name into his memories as the name of the true winner. He declared a triple attack with the three Dragons. Dark Yugi briefly shut his eyes in anticipation of defeat, but opened them upon hearing Jonouchi's voice, telling him not to lose. An apparition of Jonouchi appeared next to him and reiterated that Dark Yugi had always thought him that there is always a chance while you still have cards in your hand and that a true Duelist never gives up. Dark Yugi looked at his hand, which contained the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" card, which had belonged to Jonouchi. The sound of "The Flute of Summoning Dragons" affects Dragons in both players hands, so Dark Yugi Special Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Kaiba remembered Yugi using that card when Jonouchi was brainwashed and had not realized it had been in his hand.[21]

Jonouchi apparition helps Dark Yugi

The apparition of Jonouchi aids Dark Yugi.

Kaiba continued his triple attack. The first "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked "Dark Magician" and Dark Yugi responded with "Magic Cylinder", redirecting the attack. With "Lord of D." on the field, Kaiba pointed out that the move was useless against his Dragons. However Dark Yugi was aware and selected "Lord of D." as the target of the redirected attack.[21]

The second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and Dark Yugi activated "Spellbinding Circle". With the absence of "Lord of D.", he was free to target the attacking "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" ("Blue-Eyes White Dragon": 3000 → 2300 ATK), weakening it enough for "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to destroy it (Kaiba: 2000 → 1900 Life Points). The thought of his "Blue-Eyes" losing to a mere ghost irritated Kaiba. Dark Yugi thanked the apparition of Jonouchi for giving him strength. The apparition reciprocated some more encouragement before leaving. Just then the real Jonouchi regained his consciousness.[21]

The third "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacked and destroyed "Beta the Magnet Warrior".[21]

Although the emergence of "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" interfered with his plan, Kaiba remained confident he would win.[21] He suspected Dark Yugi would try to outlast him by playing in Defense Mode and in preparation Set "Final Attack Orders" and "Polymerization".[22]

Jonouchi, you're alive

Jonouchi reawakens.

Upon familiarizing himself with the recent happenings, Jonouchi insisted that he and his friends go to the Duel Tower to support Dark Yugi.[22]

Turn 19: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi drew "Double Spell" and Set it along with[22] "De-Fusion[23]

Dark Yugi switched "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to Defense Mode, but Kaiba activated "Final Attack Orders", forcing all monsters into Attack Mode. Its other effect caused each player to send all but three cards of their choosing to their Graveyards. Kaiba affirmed that he did not need three turns to win, but Dark Yugi could place his futile hope in the cards he choose. "Monster Reborn" was among the cards chosen by Kaiba. Wondering what cards Kaiba choose, Dark Yugi noted that he had not played "Monster Reborn" yet and worried that he could have it and "Polymerization".[22]

Turn 20: Kaiba

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Summoned - Duel Tower

Kaiba Summons "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Kaiba confirmed Dark Yugi's suspicions and used "Monster Reborn" to revive the destroyed "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and used his face-down "Polymerization" to fuse it with the other two, forming "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Dark Marik believed that this meant Kaiba would win. He had not expected that outcome before, but resigned that it did not matter, since he planned on killing both players, regardless of who won.[22]

Kaiba claimed that he was about to defeat Dark Yugi and achieve something great, which was not something as simple as revenge. He said that had fought through Battle City to find out why he was fixated on defeating Dark Yugi and had finally found the answer. Unlike Dark Yugi, who was in pursuit of the past, Kaiba's stated that his past was filled with hatred and anger, which continued to exist even after he got revenge on his adoptive father, Gozaburo. In order to pave his future future, he planned on stamping out the past, including Dark Yugi, whom he considered to be a creature of the past. Mokuba worried that if Kaiba forgot about the past, he might forget the smile he showed him long ago.[22]

Dark Yugi replied that Kaiba was one of the few people he recognized as a Duelist, but he was a bit disappointed in him. Regardless of how much hatred or anger Kaiba had, he claimed that those things are not enough to beat him. He explained that like the Duel Tower standing on the rubble, Kaiba could pile hate on top of hate to reach the top, but will never find true victory this way; he will only wander forever seeking the next thing to hate.[22]

Dark Yugi activated "Double Spell", allowing him to use the Spell Cards used by Kaiba this turn. He used "Monster Reborn" to revive "Buster Blader" and "Polymerization" to fuse it with "Dark Magican", forming "Dark Paladin",[22] which gained 500 ATK for each Dragon on the field ("Dark Paladin": 2900 → 3900 ATK).[23]

Since Fusion Monsters could not attack the turn they are Summoned, Kaiba ended his turn without attacking.[23]

Turn 21: Dark Yugi

Even with his face-down "Magic Formula", "Dark Paladin" would not be strong enough to defeat "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", so Dark Yugi placed his chances on the next card he drew.[23]

Turn 22: Kaiba

Kaiba drew "Absorb Spell" and Set it.[23]

Kaiba warned Dark Yugi to brace himself threatened to bury Dark Yugi, him with his own detestable past. He vowed to surpass everything and rise to a higher plain, repeating that he alone will be the King of Duelists. Dark Yugi restated his stance that with that motivation, Kaiba would only find himself in an endless chain of hatred, but Kaiba affirmed that hatred and anger have always given him to power to dominate everything. Dark Yugi urged him to attack with all that hatred, if he thought he could win with it. Seeing Kaiba as both a rival and a friend, Dark Yugi still hoped to exorcise his madness.[23]

Beyond Magic!!! Fierce Slashing Wave!!!

"Dark Paladin" defeats the three "Blue-Eyes".

"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" attacked, using its ability to attack three enemies at once. Dark Yugi activated "Magic Formula" to increase the ATK of "Dark Paladin" and Kaiba responded with "Absorb Spell", transferring the power boost to "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" ("Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon": 4500 → 5000 ATK). Dark Yugi then activated "De-Fusion", splitting the "Ultimate Dragon" back into three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". This increased the number of Dragons on the field to four, further increasing the ATK of "Dark Paladin" ("Dark Paladin": 3900 → 4900 ATK).[23]

Turn 23: Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi activated "Diffusion Wave-Motion", paying 1000 Life Points (Dark Yugi: 1500 → 500 Life Points) to convert the attack from "Dark Paladin" into a wave, making it hit all enemy monsters. "Dark Paladin" attacked and destroyed all three "Blue-Eyes" (Kaiba: 1900 → 0 Life Points), winning the Duel for Dark Yugi, who declared hatred to be a dead end.[23]


Kaiba was stunned and reflected on his goals; rising above hatred for Gozaburo, defeating Dark Yugi and claiming the title of King of Duelists, as he watched the Solid Vision projections of his destroyed "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" fade away. When the reality of his loss hit him, he briefly re-evaluated his strategy and saw no flaws in his Deck, combos or tactics.[24]

Dark Yugi professed that although one of them lost and the other won, there was no difference in their abilities, but Kaiba was insulted, as he interpreted this as pity. Dark Yugi acknowledged Kaiba's talent as a Duelist and accredited his defeat to the demon, "hatred". He explained that by having sadness, hatred and anger in his heart, Kaiba was also fighting his own inner enemies and once all of them are defeated, Kaiba would open himself to the road of true Duelists.[24]

Dark Yugi drew attention to the fact that he would have lost the Duel, without "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", a card he safe kept for a friend, and concluded that the power of friendship brought him victory. But Kaiba considered that to be nonsense and saw friendship as an abstract concept, meaningless in achieving victory.[24]

Regarding the winner as the only one with the right to talk, Kaiba said he would keep quiet. Per the ante rule, he threw the card, "The God of the Obelisk" over to Dark Yugi. Having been defeated by Dark Yugi, he refused to allow Dark Yugi to lose the next Duel.[24]

Cards used

The following cards were used in this Duel:

Dark Yugi
Seto Kaiba


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