Dark Yugi and Katsuya Jonouchi faced each other in a promised game of Duel Monsters after the events of the Battle City tournament. The Duel took place off-panel and the winner was not mentioned.


When Dark Yugi won the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" after his Duel with the Rare Hunter, Dark Yugi offered Jonouchi the card, only for the offer to be denied, with Jonouchi promising to take it back only when he defeats Dark Yugi in a Duel.[1]

After Jonouchi had fallen into a coma thanks to Dark Marik, the Millennium Tauk showed Dark Yugi a vision of the future, showing Dark Yugi and Jonouchi Dueling, encouraging Dark Yugi to fight on.[2]

After the Battle City tournament ended, Dark Yugi and Jonouchi prepared their Decks and Duel Disks, and faced each other in an alley, prepared to Duel.[3]


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