Dark Yugi and Dark Marik faced each other in a game of Duel Monsters in the final of the Battle City tournament, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.



Having translated the effects of Dark Marik's God card, "The Sun Dragon Ra", Kaiba calculated a 13% probability of his Deck defeating it.[1] To improve his chances, he developed a strategy involving "Devil's Sanctuary"[2][3] and attempted to win "Slifer the Sky Dragon" from Dark Yugi in the semifinals.[4] His failure to defeat Dark Yugi led to Dark Yugi facing Dark Marik in the finals, with a success probability Kaiba calculated as being 3%.[5] Despite disapproving of Dark Yugi losing after defeating him, Kaiba later expressed no interest in who won or lost the final.[6]

As Kaiba prepared to activate explosives for the sinking of Alcatraz for the last act of Battle City, he was interrupted by Ishizu Ishtar, who pleaded with him to help Dark Yugi. He was unmoved by her claims of destiny and likening of his and Dark Yugi's relationship to that of Priest Seto and the pharaoh. When he saw how she was willing to give her life in failing to save her brother, Marik, he was reminded of himself in a previous Duel with Dark Yugi and decided to help. He gave the "Devil's Sanctuary" card to Dark Yugi, but told himself[6] and Ishizu[7] it was out of motivation to disprove the notion of miracles and Dark Yugi's ideology that friendship can bring victory. With "Devil's Sanctuary", he calculated Dark Yugi's odds of winning to be 20%.[6]



Cards used

The following cards were used in this Duel:

Dark Yugi


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