Dark Tuner monster


Dark Tuner Monsters


Dark Tuner Monsters are a new monster Type that made its debut in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's in Episode 27. Dark Synchro Monsters are Synchro Summoned by sending to the Graveyard 1 Dark Tuner Monster and 1 non-Dark Tuner Monster. The non-Dark Tuner Monster's Level minus the Dark Tuner Monster's Level must be equal to the Dark Synchro Monster's Level.

Note that Dark Tuner Monsters are not just DARK Attribute Tuner Monsters, but are a completely different monster Type, although they are admittedly similar to Tuner Monsters. The only known Dark Tuner Monsters at present are Dark Tuner Catastrogre and Dark Tuner Chaosrouge.

Unlike regular Tuner Monsters, the Dark Tuners shown so far have been very high in level, partly due to the fact that their levels must be subtracted from the remainder of the Synchro Material Monsters for a Negative Level. This potentially makes them much more difficult to Summon.


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