Dark Legends is a reprint set, which debuted at Walmart[1] on November 21, 2008.[2] It contains cards from Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, early Starter Decks and some hard to get Promo cards.[1]


Each Booster Pack is sold in pairs and contains the promo card "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness". Each pack contains 12 cards.[1]


In the TCG there are 12 cards per pack. There are 113 cards in total. These are comprised of:



Set number Name Rarity Category
DLG1-EN000 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness‎ Secret Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN001 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Super Rare Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
DLG1-EN003 Flame Swordsman Common Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN004 Dark Magician Rare Normal Monster
DLG1-EN005 Gaia the Fierce Knight Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN006 Raigeki Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN007 Fissure Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN008 Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
DLG1-EN009 Polymerization Common Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN010 Curse of Dragon Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN011 Giant Soldier of Stone Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN012 Red-Eyes B. Dragon‎ Rare Normal Monster
DLG1-EN013 Swords of Revealing Light Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN014 Armed Ninja Common Flip monster
DLG1-EN015 Man-Eater Bug Common Flip monster
DLG1-EN016 Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DLG1-EN017 Monster Reborn Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN018 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN019 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN020 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN021 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN022 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN023 Gaia the Dragon Champion Common Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN024 Gate Guardian Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN025 Summoned Skull Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN026 Harpie Lady Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN027 Harpie Lady Sisters Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN028 Mask of Darkness Common Flip monster
DLG1-EN029 B. Skull Dragon Rare Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN030 Elegant Egotist Common Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN031 Sanga of the Thunder Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN032 Kazejin Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN033 Suijin Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN034 Magician of Faith Rare Flip monster
DLG1-EN035 Baby Dragon Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN036 Time Wizard Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN037 Sangan Super Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN038 Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN039 Catapult Turtle Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN040 Jirai Gumo Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN041 Thunder Dragon Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN042 Cannon Soldier Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN043 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Common Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN044 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN045 Barrel Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN046 Solemn Judgment Super Rare Counter Trap Card
DLG1-EN047 Magic Jammer Common Counter Trap Card
DLG1-EN048 Seven Tools of the Bandit Common Counter Trap Card
DLG1-EN049 Heavy Storm Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN050 Thousand Dragon Common Fusion Monster
DLG1-EN051 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Common Toon monster
DLG1-EN052 Axe of Despair Common Equip Spell Card
DLG1-EN053 Black Pendant Common Equip Spell Card
DLG1-EN054 Maha Vailo Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN055 Relinquished Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DLG1-EN056 Gravekeeper's Servant Common Continuous Spell Card
DLG1-EN057 Upstart Goblin Common Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN058 Mystical Space Typhoon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DLG1-EN059 Giant Trunade Common Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN060 Painful Choice Common Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN061 Black Illusion Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
DLG1-EN062 Megamorph Rare Equip Spell Card
DLG1-EN063 Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
DLG1-EN064 Toon Mermaid Common Toon monster
DLG1-EN065 Toon Summoned Skull Common Toon monster
DLG1-EN066 Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN067 Toon World Common Continuous Spell Card
DLG1-EN068 Giant Rat Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN069 Senju of the Thousand Hands Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN070 UFO Turtle Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN071 Giant Germ Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN072 Nimble Momonga Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN073 Shining Angel Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN074 Mother Grizzly Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN075 Flying Kamakiri #1 Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN076 Sonic Bird Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN077 Mystic Tomato Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN078 Gaia Power Common Field Spell Card
DLG1-EN079 Umiiruka Common Field Spell Card
DLG1-EN080 Molten Destruction Common Field Spell Card
DLG1-EN081 Rising Air Current Common Field Spell Card
DLG1-EN082 Luminous Spark Common Field Spell Card
DLG1-EN083 Messenger of Peace Rare Continuous Spell Card
DLG1-EN084 Wall of Illusion Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN085 Card Destruction Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN086 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Common Normal Monster
DLG1-EN087 Lord of D. Common Effect Monster
DLG1-EN088 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN089 Graceful Charity Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN090 Penguin Soldier Rare Flip monster
DLG1-EN091 Scapegoat Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DLG1-EN092 Blast Sphere Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN093 Copycat Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN094 Relieve Monster Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DLG1-EN095 Cloning Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DLG1-EN096 Kaibaman Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN097 Cyber Harpie Lady Super Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN098 Amazoness Chain Master Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN099 Embodiment of Apophis Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DLG1-EN100 Exchange of the Spirit Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DLG1-EN101 Blizzard Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN102 Metal Shooter Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN103 Des Mosquito Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN104 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN105 Ancient Lamp Super Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN106 Dark Bribe Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
DLG1-EN107 Card Trooper Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN108 Destiny Hero - Malicious Super Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN109 Destiny Draw Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DLG1-EN110 Meltiel, Sage of the Sky Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN111 Nova Summoner Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DLG1-EN112 Gellenduo Ultra Rare Effect Monster


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