"Dark Blade", known as "Dark Sword" (ダークソード Dāku Sōdo) in the OCG, is a series of DARK Warrior monsters that show the history of "Dark Blade" itself and its Dragon Union Monsters, "Pitch-Dark Dragon" and "Kiryu".


A theory about "Dark Blade" is that he is actually "Warrior Dai Grepher" equipped with "Metalsilver Armor" since they are both Level 4 Warrior Normal Monsters with similar ATK and DEF, and both are dragon-manipulators that fuse with Dragons ("Dark Blade the Dragon Knight" and "Ryu Senshi").

"Paladin of White Dragon" may be the rival of "Dark Blade"; while "Dark Blade" and its Dragons are DARK, the "Paladin's" Dragon (a younger "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") is LIGHT. Also, they both have Equip Spell Cards are armors ("Raregold Armor" and "Metalsilver Armor") with similar effects.

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