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Dark Bakura faced Ghost Kozuka in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters at the end of the preliminary stages of the Battle City tournament. This Duel is from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, where most of the Duel takes place off panel.[1]

On winning the Duel, Dark Bakura qualified for the finals and took Kozuka's life as a Penalty Game.[1]


Kozuka, killed as a Penalty Game

Ghost Kozuka used a Ghost Deck, which stood little chance against Dark Bakura's Occult Deck.[1]

At the end of the Duel, Dark Bakura used "Poltergeists" and "Ectoplasmer", dropping Kozuka's Life Points to 0.[1]

As a Penalty Game, Dark Bakura took Kozuka's life. With the Puzzle Cards he won from Kozuka, Dark Bakura's total was brought to six, qualifying him for the finals.[1]

Cards used

The following cards were shown in this Duel:

Dark Bakura


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