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A Duel results in a DRAW (Japanese: () () Hikiwake) when both players satisfy a victory condition at the same time.

In card texts, the term "DRAW" is always written with all capital letters to distinguish it from the common term of "to draw a card".


  • Both players' Life Points become 0 by a single card effect at the same time, such as that of "Self-Destruct Button", "Tremendous Fire", or "Destruction Ring".
  • A single card effect causes both players to draw cards when neither player has enough cards left in their Deck, such as that of "Card Destruction" or "Morphing Jar".
  • A single card effect causes both players to add all 5 pieces of "Exodia" to their hand, such as "Emissary of the Afterlife" or the above "Card Destruction" or "Morphing Jar". This can also happen during the initial draw of the game, which is the only way to DRAW before either player starts their turn.
  • At the end of a turn when "Last Turn" was activated, both players' monsters remained on the field or both left the field. This is the only card whose text specifically mentions a DRAW.
  • It is also possible for two different types of victory conditions to be fulfilled by one effect, such as completing "Exodia" by returning a piece from the field to the hand that was Summoned by "Relay Soul".

In real life

Unlike a Duel, a Match can never end in a DRAW in official tournaments. If a Match would end in a DRAW, extra Duels are played until the Match is decided (even if the Match time limit runs out, in which case the Duels transition to sudden death). Outside of a tournament, a match can end in a DRAW if both players have one victory and one DRAW or if all three duels end in a draw.

Since ending Duels in DRAWs tends to significantly slow down official tournaments, many cards that easily enable DRAWs (such as the majority of the cards listed above) have been made Limited or Forbidden. One card, "Ring of Destruction", has specifically had its text changed to prevent it from causing a DRAW, with the victory condition rules changed with it as a result.

In the anime

In the anime, a DRAW has occurred in the following occasions.


Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei anime)

  1. Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba[1]


  1. Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler[2]
  2. Alister and Seto Kaiba[3]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  1. Jaden Yuki and Zane Truesdale[4]
  2. Yubel and Jesse Anderson (who was with Jaden)[5]
  3. The Supreme King and Axel Brodie[6]
  4. Jaden Yuki and Yubel[7]

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

  1. Luna and Professor Frank[8]
  2. Crow Hogan and Broder[9]


  1. Kite Tenjo and Astral[10]
  2. Astral and Number 96[11]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  1. Gong Strong and Kit Blade[12]
  2. Yuya Sakaki and Aster Phoenix[13]


  1. Playmaker and Varis x2[14][15]
  2. Playmaker and Bohman[16]
  3. Varis and Lightning[17]



  1. Joey Wheeler (against Mai Valentine)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  1. Alexis Rhodes (against Chazz Princeton)
  2. Tyranno Hassleberry (against Syrus Truesdale)
  3. Mr. Stein (against Jaden Yuki)
  4. Atticus Rhodes (against Yusuke Fujiwara)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

  1. Jack Atlas (against Carly Carmine)
  2. Nicolas (against Jack Atlas)
  3. Jack Atlas (against Jinbei Tanigawa)


  1. Number 96 (against Astral, who took over for Yuma Tsukumo)
  2. Mizar (against Don Thousand)
  3. Yuma Tsukumo (against Nash)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  1. Barrett (against Declan Akaba)
  2. Iggy Arlo (against Yuya Sakaki)
  3. Crow Hogan (against Battle Beast)

Forbidden/Limited Cards

The following cards were placed on the Forbidden/Limited List either in part or entirely due to their ability to end a Duel in a DRAW.

Card name Limitation Reason for causing a DRAW Notes
Morphing Jar Limited (Formerly Forbidden) If both players have less than 5 cards in their respective Decks when this card's Flip Effect is activated, the Duel will end in a DRAW.
Card Destruction Limited (Formerly Forbidden) If both players have less cards in their Decks than their respective hands, the Duel will end in a DRAW.
Last Turn Forbidden This card determines the outcome of a Duel based on one monster attacking another. If neither monster is destroyed or if both are destroyed, the Duel ends in a DRAW. It is especially easy to cause a DRAW with this card by using a monster that cannot be destroyed by battle.
Self-Destruct Button Forbidden This card ends the Duel in a DRAW if its activation conditions are met. This card was Forbidden after a group of players designed a Deck that used this card to disrupt tournaments.
Ring of Destruction Unlimited (Formerly Forbidden) When it was first printed, this card inflicted damage to both players simultaneously, so it could end the Duel in a DRAW by destroying a monster whose ATK is higher than both player's LP.

This is no longer possible, since the card was errata'd to inflict damage to the player using it first.

Prior to its errata, this card was the most consistent way to end a Duel in a DRAW.


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