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DIVINE was originally not a legal Attribute, and as of yet, has no support. However, with the inclusion of the first legal Egyptian God Card, "Obelisk the Tormentor" as a V-Jump Promotional Card with the February 2009 issue, it was the first "Official" Monster Card of the "Divine" Attribute. Also the most recent V-Jump card has made for "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to get a legal version like Obelisk before it while keeping its Divine status.

DIVINE monsters exist in the manga and anime as a playable archetype.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! R manga, the Wicked Gods are considered DIVINE, but when they were released in real life, they had their Attribute changed to DARK, making them tournament Legal.

DIVINE has no external support, since no additional cards have been made, or shown in the manga or anime to supplement it.

DIVINE monsters are also featured in various video games, as Effect Monsters.

Besides the Wicked Gods and the Egyptian Gods, in Episode 117 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's an introduction to the Three Aesir was made, these being the first DIVINE-Attribute Synchro Monsters ever seen. All property to the members of Team Ragnarok. In the TCG/OCG, however, the Polar Gods' Attributes were changed: "Thor's" was changed to EARTH, "Loki's" was changed to DARK, and "Odin's" was changed to LIGHT. Also, while the Polar Gods were DIVINE Monsters, all of the support that gave direct support to Polar Gods actually gave support to the DIVINE Attribute.

In Reshef of Destruction, certain monsters (including the Egyptian God Cards) were divine in order to bypass the attribute automatic destruction when fighting. All of them have a cost of 999. Most ritual monsters in the game, including those that were made as normal monsters, are divine. These monsters are: "Black Luster Soldier", "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", "Chakra", "Cosmo Queen", "Crab Turtle", "Dokurorider", "F. G. D.", "Fiend's Mirror", "Fortress Whale", "Garma Sword", "Gate Guardian", "Hungry Burger", "Javelin Beetle", "Magician of Black Chaos", "Mask of Shine & Dark", "Master of Dragon Soldier", "Millennium Shield", "Obelisk the Tormentor", "Performance of Sword", "Psycho-Puppet", "Relinquished", "Sengenjin", "Serpent Night Dragon", "Skull Guardian", "Slifer the Sky Dragon", "Super War-Lion", "The Winged Dragon of Ra" (Pheonix, Battle, and Ball modes all separate cards), "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", "Tri-Horned Dragon", and "Zera the Mant".


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