Cybernetic Revolution: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It follows The Lost Millennium: Vendor Edition and it is followed by Elemental Energy: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Cybernetic Revolution, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
CRV-JP001"Cycroid"「サイクロイド」CommonNormal Monster
CRV-JP002"Soitsu"「ソイツ」CommonNormal Monster
CRV-JP003"Mad Lobster"「マッド・ロブスター」CommonNormal Monster
CRV-JP004"Jerry Beans Man"「ジェリービーンズマン」CommonNormal Monster
CRV-JP006"Patroid"「パトロイド」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP007"Gyroid"「ジャイロイド」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
CRV-JP008"Steamroid"「スチームロイド」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
CRV-JP009"Drillroid"「ドリルロイド」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
CRV-JP011"Jetroid"「ジェット・ロイド」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
CRV-JP017"Cybernetic Cyclopean"「サイバネティック・サイクロプス」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP018"Mechanical Hound"「メカニカル・ハウンド」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP019"Cyber Archfiend"「サイバーデーモン」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP022"Giant Kozaky"「G・コザッキー」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP023"Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei"「不屈闘士レイレイ」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP024"Protective Soul Ailin"「守護霊アイリン」CommonUnion monster
CRV-JP025"Doitsu"「ドイツ」CommonUnion monster
CRV-JP026"Des Frog"「デスガエル」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP027"T.A.D.P.O.L.E."「悪魂邪苦止」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP028"Poison Draw Frog"「引きガエル」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP029"Tyranno Infinity"「ディノインフィニティ」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP030"Batteryman C"「電池メン-単二型」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP031"Ebon Magician Curran"「黒魔導師クラン」CommonEffect Monster
CRV-JP033"Steam Gyroid"「スチームジャイロイド」Normal Parallel RareFusion Monster
CRV-JP038"Fusion Recovery"「融合回収」CommonNormal Spell Card
CRV-JP040"Dragon's Mirror"「龍の鏡」CommonNormal Spell Card
CRV-JP042"Des Croaking"「死の合唱」CommonNormal Spell Card
CRV-JP043"Pot of Generosity"「謙虚な壺」CommonNormal Spell Card
CRV-JP044"Shien's Spy"「シエンの間者」CommonNormal Spell Card
CRV-JP050"Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane"「地霊術-「鉄」」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP051"Spiritual Water Art - Aoi"「水霊術-「葵」」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP052"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai"「火霊術-「紅」」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP053"Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi"「風霊術-「雅」」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP054"A Rival Appears!"「ライバル登場!」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP058"Conscription"「徴兵令」CommonNormal Trap Card
CRV-JP060"Prepare to Strike Back"「反撃準備」CommonContinuous Trap Card
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