"Cyber" (Japanese: サイバネティック Saibanetikku), is an archetype of cards related to Machine Fusion Monsters and the "Cyber Dragon" archetype. Its support debuted in Structure Deck: Blitzkrieg of the Mechlight Dragons.


In the English, French, Portuguese and Spanish versions, this archetype is merged with "Cyber". The (practical) inclusion of this archetype in terms of support is only applied in the Japanese version, as「サイバネティック」doesn't contain exactly「サイバー 」. Although the names of both archetypes contain サイバ saiba, it isn't used as the basis for a merged archetype. A similar inclusion is also necessary in the German version. A parallel distinction between 사이버 Saibeo "Cyber" and "사이버네틱" is also made in the Korean version, albeit ineffective as "Cyber-Tech Alligator" (a non-member) still has "사이버" in its name.

In the Italian version, "Cibernetico" is used in a few card names that contain "Cybernetic" in the English version, as well as the Italian name of "Cyber Raider". It doesn't necessarily correspond to the OCG name.

In the German version, "Kyber" the proper German form of the prefix "cyber-" (the English form "Cyber" is used for "Cyber" cards) is used. This form only occurs in the word "Kybernetisch" ("Cybernetic") in the German version.

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