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|crname = Kiber Nova Zmaj
|crname = Kiber Nova Zmaj
|fr_name = Cyber Dragon Nova
|fr_name = Cyber Dragon Nova
|de_name = Cyber Drachennova
|de_name = Cyber Drache Nova
|it_name = Cyber Drago Nova
|it_name = Cyber Drago Nova
|ko_name = 사이버 드래곤 노바
|ko_name = 사이버 드래곤 노바

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Cyber Dragon Nova
English Cyber Dragon Nova
French Cyber Dragon Nova
German Cyber Drache Nova
Italian Cyber Drago Nova
Korean 사이버 드래곤 노바
Portuguese Dragão Cibernético Nova
Spanish Ciber Dragón Nova
Japanese サイバー・ドラゴン・ノヴァ
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.svg
Types Machine / Xyz / Effect
Rank 5 Rank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank Star
ATK / DEF 2100 / 1600
Materials 2 Level 5 Machine-Type monsters
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