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{{Unofficial name|Chinese|Croatian|Greek|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial name|Chinese|Croatian|Greek|Hungarian|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial lore|Chinese}}
{{Unofficial lore|Chinese}}
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| de_name = Vorhang der Dunklen
| de_name = Vorhang der Dunklen
| el_name = Αυλαία των Σκοτεινών
| el_name = Αυλαία των Σκοτεινών
| hu_name = A Sötétség Fátyla
| it_name = Sipario degli Oscuri
| it_name = Sipario degli Oscuri
| pt_name = Cortina dos Escuros
| pt_name = Cortina dos Escuros

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Curtain of the Dark Ones
(くろ) () (ぞく) のカーテン
English Curtain of the Dark Ones
Chinese 黑魔族的窗簾
French Rideau des ombres
German Vorhang der Dunklen
Italian Sipario degli Oscuri
Portuguese Cortina dos Escuros
Spanish Cortina de los Oscuros
Japanese (kana) くろまぞくのカーテン
Japanese (base) 黒魔族のカーテン
Japanese (rōmaji) Kuromazoku no Kāten
Japanese (translated) Curtain of the Black-Magic Tribe
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK DARK.svg
Type Spellcaster
Level 2 CG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 600 / 500
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Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
The Eternal Duelist Soul2002-10-15Unlimited
Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel2003-04-15Unlimited
GX Duel Academy2005-11-130051???Unlimited
Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062006-02-23???Unlimited
GX Tag Force2006-09-14???Unlimited
5D's Tag Force 42009-09-17Present
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