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CrossXyz-JP-Anime-AV.png +
Cross Xyz +
CrossXyz-JP-Anime-AV.png +
クロスエクシーズ +
Xエクシーズ +
Target 1 Xyz Monster and 1 [[MonstTarget 1 Xyz Monster and 1 monster you control with the same Level as that Xyz Monster's Rank; immediately after this effect resolves, treat that Xyz Monster's Rank as if it was a Level and Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster using those 2 monsters only.1 Xyz Monster using those 2 monsters only. +
Anime +
Cross Xyz +
Card page +
Normal Spell Card +
Kurosu Ekushīzu +
(クロス) エクシーズ +
(クロス) エクシーズ +
Gives Xyz Monsters Levels +  and Treated as alternate Level +
Performs an Xyz Summon +, Special Summons from your Extra Deck +  and Cross Xyz Summon +