5Dx113 Scar-Red Nova breaking through

The Familiar facing Jack in a Crimson Devil ritual.

The Crimson Devil ritual is type of Duel performed by the Familiar in order to resurrect his master. If the opponent lost, their body would become host to the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.

Prior events

The Crimson Devil was sealed away by the Legendary Signer, through the Blazing Soul ability.[1]

10,000 years later the Crimson Devil's Familiar planned to lure Jack Atlas into the ritual. He did this by implanting a dream in Greiger, where he saw Jack Atlas die by relying on power. This prompted Greiger to invite Jack Atlas to the Nazca region in the hope of overcoming this. Greiger got Jack to Turbo Duel against Max. However, the Familiar possessed Max and changed his Deck. The Duel was halted when Jack fell off of his D-Wheel.[2]

Angry over the result of the Duel, Jack went to a village, where he met the Familiar possessing a villager accompanied by the Crimson Devil in the form of a flame. The Familiar identified itself and offered Jack to join the Devil's side, where he could get power he desires, saying that they would be waiting at the Earthbound Immortal Shrine.[3]

At the shrine the Familiar took Jack to a hidden chamber and told him that he must win the ritual Duel in order to get the power. He did not mention until after the Duel started and Yusei Fudo, Greiger, and Max appeared that Jack would relinquish his body to the Crimson Devil should he lose.[3]

The Duel

The Familiar used Jack's reliance on power against him with a "Yomi" lock combo, focused on stalling and burning. This quickly lowered Jack's Life Points, while his remained untouched.[3][1]

Jack developed new tactics to counter the "Yomi" lock, lowering the Familiar's Life Points significantly.[1]

With the Duel almost over, the Crimson Devil started to break through the wall behind its statue, causing the chamber to fall apart. Enraged at Jack's new tactics, the Familiar abandoned his lock strategy and Summoned "Abyss Ruler Mictlancoatl". However, Jack performed the "Blazing Soul" ability and absorbed the Devil's power and Summoned "Red Nova Dragon". "Red Nova Dragon" destroyed "Abyss Ruler Mictlancoatl" defeating the Familiar.[1]

The Familiar was crushed by the Crimson Devil's statue falling over. The Crimson Dragon saved the others as the shrine fell apart.[1]


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