The Counter Fairies are a series of cards introduced in Enemy of Justice. They consist of Fairy monsters with effects that revolve around Counter Trap Cards.


All members shares elements in their designs like bodies made of crystals encased in robotic armor, while following a Greco-Roman mythology name/design pattern.

Something to be noted is how they seem to be divided in two art styles despite having the aforementioned elements and being part of the same series - some members seem to possess a more humanoid appearance like "Meltiel, Sage of the Sky", while others have more mechanical designs, such as disjointed arms/hands, a face adorned with lines, and a single metallic dot (that could serve has the monster's eye), also they reveal less of their crystalline bodies, making them look a lot like "Banisher of the Radiance", "Radiant Jeral", "Royal Knight", the Herald series, and the Majestic Mech series (specially "Majestic Mech - Senku"), like "Bountiful Artemis".


Monster Origin
Bountiful Artemis Artemis
Dark Voltanis Zeus
Guiding Ariadne Ariadne
Harvest Angel of Wisdom Hermes
Layard the Liberator Saturn
Meltiel, Sage of the Sky Metis
Minerva, Scholar of the Sky Minerva
Power Angel Valkyria Valkerie
Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath Perseus
Synthetic Seraphim Token Seraphim
Voltanis the Adjudicator Zeus

Playing style

On their own, the Counter Fairies do not synergize well, but work to support other Fairy archetypes. Their support effects trigger when a Counter Trap successfully activates and/or resolves, and either destroy cards on the field or replenish the player's hand, maintaining card advantage. Counter Traps like "Magic Jammer," "Seven Tools of the Bandit," and "Drastic Drop Off" are best, as the effects of the Counter Fairies will make up for the lost resources used to activate those cards. "Malfunction" and "Goblin Out of the Frying Pan" are also useful; while they do not directly destroy cards, the opponent will have to activate their card again, triggering the effects of the Counter Fairies twice. The "Solemn" series is also useful.

With the introduction of "Guiding Ariadne", Counter Fairies have gained the ability to use any Counter Trap for no cost, due to "Ariadne's" Pendulum Effect. Because of this, even if the player's LP or hand are low, they can still use cards such as "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell" or the "Solemn" traps without putting themselves at more of a disadvantage.

Typical cards

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