A Cora-Cola commercial

Cora-Cola is a drink in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is an imitation of the real drink, Coca-Cola.


While Yugi and Jonouchi were at the arcade, Jonouchi bought drinks, including a cola for Yugi. Only the "Cola" part of the was visible on the can, but it was printed in the same style as "Coca-Cola" and "Cora-Cola". Jonouchi chased after Street Fighter, after finding he had beaten-up Yugi and stolen the Millennium Puzzle, and wound up in a fight. Since the cola had been shaken a lot in his pocket, when Jonouchi opened the can, the drink sprayed out, hitting Street Fighter in the face.[1]

When Yugi, Anzu, Jonouchi and Sugoroku sat down to watch the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship on TV, an ad for Cora-Cola was on.[2]

During Battle City, Dark Yugi and Kaiba walked past a building with a Cora-Cola banner on its wall.[3]


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