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Contract with Exodia
エクゾディアとの (けい) (やく)
English Contract with Exodia
French Contrat avec Éxodia
German Vertrag mit Exodia
Italian Contratto con Exodia
Korean 엑조디아와의 계약
Portuguese Contrato com Exodia
Spanish Contrato con Exodia
Japanese (kana) エクゾディアとのけいやく
Japanese (base) エクゾディアとの契約
Japanese (rōmaji) Ekuzodia to no Keiyaku
Card type Spell
Property Normal
Passcode 33244944
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Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
Nightmare Troubadour2005-07-21???Unlimited
Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062006-02-23???Unlimited
GX Tag Force2006-09-14???Unlimited