Constellar Star Chart
セイクリッドの (せい) (こん)
English Constellar Star Chart
Chinese 星之骑士的星痕
French Carte du Ciel de la Constellée
German Sternzeichenkarte
Italian Carta Stellare di Costellazioni
Korean 세이크리드의 성흔
Portuguese Carta Celeste Constelar
Spanish Mapa Estelar de la Constelación
Japanese (kana) セイクリッドのせいこん
Japanese (base) セイクリッドの星痕
Japanese (rōmaji) Seikuriddo no Seikon
Japanese (translated) Star Sign of the Sacred
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Continuous Continuous.svg
Passcode 35631584
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