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A Common (Japanese: ノーマル Nōmaru "Normal"; Korean: 노멀 Nomeol "Normal"; Chinese: 普通 Pǔtōng "Common") card is identified by having a black (white for Spells, Traps, and Xyz Monsters) card name, and does not have any holofoil on the card name or image. Some Common cards are short printed by Konami; listings of these were made known and first coined, in Beckett Yu-Gi-Oh! Collector.

For Booster Packs from Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon to Light of Destruction, packs always contained 8 Commons, from The Duelist Genesis to Dimension of Chaos, it is possible to have a pack with only 7 Commons, since it is possible to get a Rare and a Holo in the same pack and from Breakers of Shadow onward, the said Holo from the 9 cards is guaranteed, making 7 Commons a given. Booster Packs outside the Booster Pack Rainbow series contain a different amount of cards in each pack; some may not even have any Commons whatsoever. Because they're so easy to find and are often much less powerful than rarer cards, commons are worth much less than other cards. That doesn't mean commons can't be powerful and valuable, though.

On the Official Card Database, this rarity is unmarked.



Other games[]

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, Common cards and are identified by Common (Series 1), Common 2 (Series 2) or Arena Common (Side Series). These cards have a cost of under Coins 75000 or under Card Pieces 15.
    • Before the new shop update on August 8, 2013, these cards had a cost of under Coins 100000 or under Card Pieces 20.