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Collectors Pack: Duelist of Flash Version is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).[1]



There are 5 cards per pack:

  • 15 packs per Japanese box
  • 30 packs per Korean box

The set contains 45 cards, including:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
CPF1-JP001"Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon"「オッドアイズ・ミラージュ・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
CPF1-JP002"Performapal Uni"「EMユニ」RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP003"Performapal Corn"「EMコン」RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP004"Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius"「RR-ナパーム・ドラゴニアス」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP005"Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon"「RR-ブレード・バーナー・ファルコン」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP006"The Tripper Mercury"「The tripping MERCURY」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP007"The Blazing Mars"「The blazing MARS」RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP008"The Grand Jupiter"「The grand JUPITER」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP009"The Despair Uranus"「The despair URANUS」RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP010"The Suppression Pluto"「The suppression PLUTO」Ultra Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Monster
CPF1-JP011"Cyber Petit Angel"「サイバー・プチ・エンジェル」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP012"Cyber Angel Benten"「サイバー・エンジェル-弁天-」CommonEffect Ritual Monster
CPF1-JP013"Cyber Angel Idaten"「サイバー・エンジェル-韋駄天-」CommonEffect Ritual Monster
CPF1-JP014"Cyber Angel Dakini"「サイバー・エンジェル-荼吉尼-」Super Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPF1-JP015"Machine Angel Ritual"「機械天使の儀式」CommonRitual Spell Card
CPF1-JP016"Ritual Sanctuary"「祝福の教会-リチューアル・チャーチ」RareField Spell Card
CPF1-JP017"Red Nova"「レッド・ノヴァ」CommonEffect Tuner monster
CPF1-JP018"Zushin the Sleeping Giant"「眠れる巨人ズシン」Normal RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP019"Hand-Holding Genie"「手をつなぐ魔人」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP020"Scrum Force"「スクラム・フォース」CommonContinuous Trap Card
CPF1-JP021"Number 100: Numeron Dragon"「No.100 ヌメロン・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP022"Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon"「No.24 竜血鬼ドラギュラス」Super Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP023"Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition"「No.45 滅亡の予言者 クランブル・ロゴス」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP024"Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm"「No.51 怪腕のフィニッシュ・ホールド」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP025"Number 59: Crooked Cook"「No.59 背反の料理人」RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP026"Number 78: Number Archive"「No.78 ナンバーズ・アーカイブ」Normal RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP027"Number 98: Antitopian"「No.98 絶望皇ホープレス」Super Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP028"Cipher Wing"「光波翼機」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP029"Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon"「銀河眼の光波竜」Ultra Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP030"Galaxy Stealth Dragon"「銀河影竜」RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-JP031"Flower Cardian Pine"「花札衛-松-」RareEffect Monster
CPF1-JP032"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass"「花札衛-芒-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP033"Flower Cardian Willow"「花札衛-柳-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP034"Flower Cardian Paulownia"「花札衛-桐-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP035"Flower Cardian Pine with Crane"「花札衛-松に鶴-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP036"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon"「花札衛-芒に月-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP037"Flower Cardian Willow with Calligrapher"「花札衛-柳に小野道風-」RareEffect Tuner monster
CPF1-JP038"Flower Cardian Paulownia with Phoenix"「花札衛-桐に鳳凰-」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP039"Flower Cardian Lightshower"「花札衛-雨四光-」Super Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CPF1-JP040"Flower Gathering"「花合わせ」RareNormal Spell Card
CPF1-JP041"Galaxy Wizard"「銀河の魔導師」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP042"Galaxy Knight"「銀河騎士」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP043"Galaxy Soldier"「銀河戦士」CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-JP044"Galaxy Expedition"「銀河遠征」CommonNormal Spell Card
CPF1-JP045"Ebon Illusion Magician"「幻想の黒魔導師」Super Rare
Collector's Rare
Effect Xyz Monster

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
CPF1-KR001"Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon""오드아이즈 미라지 드래곤"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
CPF1-KR002"Performapal Uni""EM (엔터메이트) 유니"RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR003"Performapal Corn""EM (엔터메이트) 콘"RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR004"Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -네이팜 드라고니어스"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR005"Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -블레이드 버너 팔콘"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR006"The Tripper Mercury""The tripping MERCURY"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR007"The Blazing Mars""The blazing MARS"RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR008"The Grand Jupiter""The grand JUPITER"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR009"The Despair Uranus""The despair URANUS"RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR010"The Suppression Pluto""The suppression PLUTO"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CPF1-KR011"Cyber Petit Angel""사이버 쁘띠 엔젤"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR012"Cyber Angel Benten""사이버 엔젤-벤텐-"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
CPF1-KR013"Cyber Angel Idaten""사이버 엔젤-이다텐-"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
CPF1-KR014"Cyber Angel Dakini""사이버 엔젤-다키니-"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPF1-KR015"Machine Angel Ritual""기계천사의 의식"CommonRitual Spell Card
CPF1-KR016"Ritual Sanctuary""축복의 교회 - 리츄얼 처치"RareField Spell Card
CPF1-KR017"Red Nova""레드 노바"CommonEffect Tuner monster
CPF1-KR018"Zushin the Sleeping Giant""잠자는 거인 즈신"Normal RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR019"Hand-Holding Genie""손 잡는 마인"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR020"Scrum Force""스크럼 포스"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CPF1-KR021"Number 100: Numeron Dragon""No.100 누메론 드래곤"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR022"Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon""No.24 룡혈귀 드라큐라스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR023"Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition""No.45 멸망의 예언자 크램블 로고스"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR024"Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm""No.51 괴환의 피니시 홀드"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR025"Number 59: Crooked Cook""No.59 백 더 쿡"RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR026"Number 78: Number Archive""No.78 넘버즈 아카이브"Normal RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR027"Number 98: Antitopian""No.98 절망황 호프리스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR028"Cipher Wing""사이퍼 윙"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR029"Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon""갤럭시아이즈 사이퍼 드래곤"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR030"Galaxy Stealth Dragon""갤럭시 스텔스 드래곤"RareEffect Xyz Monster
CPF1-KR031"Flower Cardian Pine""카디언-소나무-"RareEffect Monster
CPF1-KR032"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass""카디언-억새-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR033"Flower Cardian Willow""카디언-버들-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR034"Flower Cardian Paulownia""카디언-오동-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR035"Flower Cardian Pine with Crane""카디언-소나무에 학-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR036"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon""카디언-억새에 달-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR037"Flower Cardian Willow with Calligrapher""카디언-버들에 소야도풍-"RareEffect Tuner monster
CPF1-KR038"Flower Cardian Paulownia with Phoenix""카디언-오동에 봉황-"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR039"Flower Cardian Lightshower""카디언-비사광-"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CPF1-KR040"Flower Gathering""하나아와세"RareNormal Spell Card
CPF1-KR041"Galaxy Wizard""갤럭시 위저드"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR042"Galaxy Knight""갤럭시 나이트"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR043"Galaxy Soldier""갤럭시 솔저"CommonEffect Monster
CPF1-KR044"Galaxy Expedition""갤럭시 익스페디션"CommonNormal Spell Card
CPF1-KR045"Ebon Illusion Magician""환상의 흑마도사"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster


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