Collectors Pack: Duelist of Destiny Version is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).



5 cards per pack:

  • 15 packs per Japanese box
  • 30 packs per Korean box

Includes 45 cards:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
CPD1-JP001 Timaeus the Knight of Destiny (がっ) (しん) (りゅう) ティマイオス Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP002 Legendary Knight Critias (でん) (せつ) () () クリティウス Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Monster
CPD1-JP003 Doom Virus Dragon デス・ウイルス・ドラゴン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP004 Tyrant Burst Dragon タイラント・バースト・ドラゴン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP005 Mirror Force Dragon ミラーフォース・ドラゴン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP006 The Fang of Critias クリティウスの (きば) Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Normal Spell Card
CPD1-JP007 Tyrant Wing タイラント・ウィング Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP008 Legendary Knight Hermos (でん) (せつ) () () ヘルモス Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Monster
CPD1-JP009 Time Magic Hammer タイムマジック・ハンマー Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP010 Rocket Hermos Cannon ロケット・ヘルモス・キャノン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP011 Goddess Bow () (がみ) (せい) (きゅう) -アルテミス Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP012 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword 真紅眼の黒竜剣 (レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン・ソード) Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-JP013 The Claw of Hermos ヘルモスの (つめ) Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Normal Spell Card
CPD1-JP014 Roulette Spider ルーレット・スパイダー Common Quick-Play Spell Card
CPD1-JP015 Double Magical Arm Bind ダブルマジックアームバインド Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP016 Lord of the Red ロード・オブ・ザ・レッド Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-JP017 Red-Eyes Transmigration (でん) (せつ) () () ティマイオス Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-JP018 Paladin of Dark Dragon 黒竜の聖騎士 (ナイト・オブ・ブラックドラゴン) Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-JP019 Dark Dragon Ritual (こく) (りゅう) (こう) (りん) Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-JP020 Red-Eyes Spirit レッドアイズ・スピリッツ Rare Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP021 Red-Eyes Burn レッドアイズ・バーン Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP022 Toon Ancient Gear Golem トゥーン・アンティーク・ギアゴーレム Rare Toon Monster
CPD1-JP023 Toon Kingdom トゥーン・キングダム Rare Field Spell Card
CPD1-JP024 Toon Rollback トゥーン・ロールバック Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-JP025 Shadow Toon シャドー・トゥーン Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-JP026 Comic Hand コミックハンド Common Equip Spell Card
CPD1-JP027 Mimicat コピーキャット Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-JP028 Toon Mask トゥーン・マスク Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP029 Toon Briefcase トゥーンのかばん Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP030 Prediction Princess Coinorma (せん) (じゅつ) () コインノーマ Rare Flip monster
CPD1-JP031 Prediction Princess Petalelf (せん) (じゅつ) () ペタルエルフ Common Flip monster
CPD1-JP032 Prediction Princess Astromorrigan (せん) (じゅつ) () ウィジャモリガン Common Flip monster
CPD1-JP033 Prediction Princess Arrowsylph (せん) (じゅつ) () アローシルフ Common Flip monster
CPD1-JP034 Prediction Princess Crystaldine (せん) (じゅつ) () クリスタルウンディーネ Common Flip monster
CPD1-JP035 Prediction Princess Tarotrei (せい) (せん) (じゅつ) () タロットレイ Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-JP036 Prediction Ritual (せい) (せん) (じゅつ) () (しき) Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-JP037 Black Cat-astrophe (くろ) (ねこ) (にら) Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP038 Reverse Reuse リバース・リユース Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-JP039 Aquaactress Tetra アクアアクトレス・テトラ Common Effect Monster
CPD1-JP040 Aquaactress Guppy アクアアクトレス・グッピー Common Effect Monster
CPD1-JP041 Aquaactress Arowana アクアアクトレス・アロワナ Common Effect Monster
CPD1-JP042 Aquarium Stage 水舞台 (アクアリウム・ステージ) Rare Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-JP043 Aquarium Set 水舞台装置 (アクアリウム・セット) Common Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-JP044 Aquarium Lighting 水照明 (アクアリウム・ライティング) Common Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-JP045 Aqua Story - Urashima 水物語 (アクア・ストーリー) -ウラシマ Rare Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
CPD1-KR001 Timaeus the Knight of Destiny 합신룡 티마이오스 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR002 Legendary Knight Critias 전설의 기사 크리티우스 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CPD1-KR003 Doom Virus Dragon 데스 바이러스 드래곤 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR004 Tyrant Burst Dragon 타이란트 버스트 드래곤 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR005 Mirror Force Dragon 거울의 힘 드래곤 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR006 The Fang of Critias 크리티우스의 이빨 Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
CPD1-KR007 Tyrant Wing 타이란트 윙 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR008 Legendary Knight Hermos 전설의 기사 헤르모스 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CPD1-KR009 Time Magic Hammer 타임매직 해머 Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR010 Rocket Hermos Cannon 로켓 헤르모스 캐논 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR011 Goddess Bow 여신의 성궁-아르테미스 Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR012 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword 붉은 눈의 흑룡검 Common Effect Fusion Monster
CPD1-KR013 The Claw of Hermos 헤르모스의 발톱 Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
CPD1-KR014 Roulette Spider 룰렛 스파이더 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
CPD1-KR015 Double Magical Arm Bind 더블 매직 암 바인드 Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR016 Lord of the Red 로드 오브 더 레드 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-KR017 Red-Eyes Transmigration 붉은눈 트랜즈마이그레이션 Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-KR018 Paladin of Dark Dragon 흑룡의 성기사 Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-KR019 Dark Dragon Ritual 흑룡강림 Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-KR020 Red-Eyes Spirit 붉은 눈 스피릿 Rare Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR021 Red-Eyes Burn 붉은 눈 번 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR022 Toon Ancient Gear Golem 툰 앤틱 기어 골렘 Rare Toon Monster
CPD1-KR023 Toon Kingdom 툰 킹덤 Rare Field Spell Card
CPD1-KR024 Toon Rollback 툰 롤백 Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-KR025 Shadow Toon 섀도우 툰 Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-KR026 Comic Hand 코믹핸드 Common Equip Spell Card
CPD1-KR027 Mimicat 카피캣 Common Normal Spell Card
CPD1-KR028 Toon Mask 툰 마스크 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR029 Toon Briefcase 툰의 가방 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR030 Prediction Princess Coinorma 점술공주 코인노마 Rare Flip monster
CPD1-KR031 Prediction Princess Petalelf 점술공주 페탈엘프 Common Flip monster
CPD1-KR032 Prediction Princess Astromorrigan 점술공주 위저모리간 Common Flip monster
CPD1-KR033 Prediction Princess Arrowsylph 점술공주 애로우 실프 Common Flip monster
CPD1-KR034 Prediction Princess Crystaldine 점술공주 크리스탈 운디네 Common Flip monster
CPD1-KR035 Prediction Princess Tarotrei 성점술공주 타로레이 Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
CPD1-KR036 Prediction Ritual 성점술의 의식 Common Ritual Spell Card
CPD1-KR037 Black Cat-astrophe 검은고양이의 째려보기 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR038 Reverse Reuse 리버스 리유즈 Common Normal Trap Card
CPD1-KR039 Aquaactress Tetra 아쿠아액트리스 테트라 Common Effect Monster
CPD1-KR040 Aquaactress Guppy 아쿠아액트리스 구피 Common Effect Monster
CPD1-KR041 Aquaactress Arowana 아쿠아액트리스 아로와나 Common Effect Monster
CPD1-KR042 Aquarium Stage 아쿠아리움 스테이지 Rare Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-KR043 Aquarium Set 아쿠아리움 세트 Common Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-KR044 Aquarium Lighting 아쿠아리움 라이팅 Common Continuous Spell Card
CPD1-KR045 Aqua Story - Urashima 아쿠아 스토리-우라시마 Rare Normal Trap Card


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