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The Collectible Tins 2010 are a set of Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game collectible tins. They were released in 2 waves:


Each Collectible Tin 2010 contains 5 Booster Packs and 5 promotional cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
CT07-EN001"Majestic Red Dragon"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
CT07-EN002"Black-Winged Dragon"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
CT07-EN003"Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
CT07-EN004"Shooting Star Dragon"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
CT07-EN005"Red Nova Dragon"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
CT07-EN006"Elemental HERO Stratos"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN007"Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN008"Cyber Dinosaur"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN009"Battle Fader"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN010"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN011"The Wicked Eraser"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN012"Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
CT07-EN013"Chimeratech Fortress Dragon"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
CT07-EN014"Archfiend of Gilfer"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN015"The Wicked Dreadroot"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN016"Dark Armed Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN017"Dragonic Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN018"Elemental HERO Ocean"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN019"Dreadscythe Harvester"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN020"Gandora the Dragon of Destruction"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN021"Stardust Dragon"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
CT07-EN022"Magician's Valkyria"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN023"The Wicked Avatar"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN024"Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord"Super RareEffect Monster
CT07-EN025"Red Dragon Archfiend"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster

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