The chief (本部長, honbuchō) is an unnamed character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


The chief was investigating the Playing Card Bomber, who had been setting off a series of bombs in Domino City. While investigating, the chief would receive orders from the bomber to bring a Deck of playing cards, which would be necessary in controlling which bombs go off.[1]

The chief went to Domino Park after a bomb scare. He was contacted by the bomber, who told him the bomb was in the Ferris wheel. After hearing this, Yugi Mutou came up to the chief, to tell him that his friend, Anzu Mazaki was on the Ferris wheel. The bomber asked the chief if he had brought the usual deck of cards and invited him to play a card game to find out which carriage the bomb was in. The chief asks if there was anyone good at card games, who could help. Yugi switched to Dark Yugi and volunteers. After playing a game of clock solitaire as requested, Dark Yugi was able to stop the bomber and report his location to the chief.[1]

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