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Of all the characters in GX, Chazz has the most decks out of anyone. He originally plays a Chthonian (Hell) Deck.

Ultimately, Chazz combines cards from all his previous Decks with the Ojama Trio and supporting cards as his trump cards in duels. Later on Chazz seems to have dropped the VWXYZ cards from his deck and instead runs just a Armed Dragon/Ojama Deck, as no VWXYZ are seen or played by him in Season 4.

Duel Academy Deck

Opponent Outcome
Jaden Yuki Incomplete
Bastion Misawa Lose

Chazz originally played a Chthonian (Hell) Deck


Chazz is given rare VWXYZ cards by Dr. Crowler that he uses against Jaden for the duration of one episode. He later combines cards from this deck with his other decks in later seasons.

Jaden Yuki Lose

Random Card Deck

North Academy Students Win
Czar Win

After all of his cards were destroyed while stranded, he enters North Academy with a deck of cards he had found on the grounds around the school, focusing on a "One Turn Kill" strategy.

North Academy Deck

Jaden Yuki Lose

During a school duel against Jaden, he is given North Academy's prized Armed Dragon cards.

Ojama/Armed Dragon Deck

Record Don Zaloog Win
Lyman Banner Lose
Jaden Yuki Lose
Aster Phoenix Win

Chazz later combines the Armed Dragon cards with Ojama monsters to form a hybrid deck, that he uses in Season 1. After experimenting with many other deck combinations (listed below), he reverts back to this one in Season 4.

0 ATK Deck

Slade Princeton Win

While dueling against his brother, Chazz uses a Deck built around monsters with 0 ATK.

0-ATK Deck

Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Ritual Monsters

Love Deck

Alexis Rhodes Lose

Atticus Rhodes gives Chazz "love cards" in an attempt to help Chazz win Alexis Rhodes's affections.

Beetron Deck

Reginald Van Howell III Win
Sartorius Lose
Bastion Misawa Win
Blair Flannigan Win

In the second year, Chazz adds his VWXYZ cards and new Beetron cards to his Ojamas and Armed Dragons. He uses this deck before he joins the Society of Light and additional time against Bastion even after joining the organization.

Society of Light Deck

Alexis Rhodes Win
Jaden Yuki Lose

While in the Society of Light Chazz's deck mainly focused on a Beatdown strategy focused around White Knight Lancer, as well as his higher leveled Armed Dragon cards. He later uses his Beetron deck again.

Chthonian/Ojama Union Deck

Chazz later discards his Beetron and Armed Dragon cards and adds cards from his Chthonian deck with his VWXYZ and Ojama cards.

Adrian Gecko Lose Jaden Yuki Lose

Manga Deck