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Chazz It Up!

— Chazz's English Dub catchphrase

1,10,100,1000...MANJOUME SANDA!

— Chazz's catchphrase

Chazz Princeton, known as Jun Manjome (万丈目 (まんじょうめ) (じゅん) , Manjōme Jun) in the Japanese version, is an arrogant Duelist who serves as one of Jaden Yuki's rivals throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series. Chazz is considered Jaden's primary rival in the same effect that Seto Kaiba is the primary rival of Yugi Muto. The two have Dueled one another a total of seven times throughout the seasons of the anime. Through his evolution, he goes from being a Duelist who only respected powerful cards to a Duelist who believes that there can be effectiveness in any card, specifically shown in his use of Ojama cards.

He becomes a marked threat after becoming the North Academy representative but after that becomes more and more a comic relief character.

In the second season he joins the Society of Light making him a threat once more though he returns to being comic relief after breaking free from the hypnosis Sartorius gave him.

In the manga, Chazz serves much the same purpose as in the anime.


Chazz's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in both his personal outfit and full Obelisk Blue regalia from the front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

Chazz's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. His usual outfit consists of a slightly tattered black jacket with grey trimmings and sharp edges over a purple shirt, dark blue pants and brown shoes; this was the uniform he got from his brief time at North Academy, though he continues to wear it at Duel Academy after his return. Though he has also worn the standard Obelisk Blue uniform, flowing out the costume's lower back. His black hair is sectioned in two layers, his black eyes positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left hand.



When he becomes the top of the North Academy, he gains the catchphrase "Chazz it up," while in the original version of the series it is "ichi, jū, hyaku, sen, Manjōme-sandā" (一、十、百、千、万丈目サンダー meaning one, ten, hundred, thousand, Manjome Thunder), which serves as a pun given that the "Man" portion of his surname is the symbol for the number ten-thousand, and is preceded by the numbers one (ichi), ten (jū), hundred (hyaku), and thousand (sen). In the latter case, he also acquires the moniker "Manjome Thunder" (万丈目サンダー; Manjōme Sandā). Due to his insistence that he be addressed respectfully, he often finds himself correcting others who merely call him "Manjome" by saying "Manjōme-san da!" ("It's Manjome-san!"; "-san" being a Japanese honorific). The students of North School, however, mistook the title as "Manjome Thunder" ("sandā" being a Japanese pronunciation of the word "thunder"), and the name stuck upon his return to Duel Academia.


In the English version, he often refers to himself in the third person as "The Chazz", and at times uses the phrases "It's go time" and "You go bye bye". While in the Society of Light, he occasionally uses the taunt "Bada-bing!", a reference to the same phrase being used by Lorenzo, with whom he shares a voice actor. In the dub, he refers to people he doesn't like as slackers.

Castillian Spanish

In the Spanish version he (voiced by Sergio García Marín) talks in chunks emphasizing every single word he says (probably done because it was impossible to translate the 1, 10, 100, 1000 pun). Some of his catchphrases in the Spanish dub are referring to Jaden as "osiris inútil" ("useless osiris") or "basura Osiris" (literally: "Osiris garbage/trash" but "garbage/trash" used as a synonym of useless, is what in English is "Slifer Slacker", in fact sometimes uses "osiris inútil", which would be, "Useless Osiris/Slifer") also He sometimes to says "adiós muy buenas" when he wins a duel, or he thinks he has won (it would be the equivalent to "you go bye bye" in English and, roughly translated it would mean the same as saying in US "have a nice life" in an ironic tone or to the UK expression: "good riddance to bad rubbish").


Chazz can be seen as the Seto Kaiba to Jaden. He is characterized as incredibly arrogant, self-conceited and often petty, sometimes to the point of comedic relief. He is shown to be very antagonistic towards Jaden and other Slifers, although he comes to undergo somewhat of a change for the better later in the series. He hated Jaden so much that during Jaden's tag-team Duel against the Paradox Brothers to determine whether or not they are expelled, he watched with a malicious smile on his face, waiting for Jaden to lose and be expelled. After losing his Duel to Jaden and then to Bastion, he left Duel Academy and ended up in North Academy, whose entrance exam required the Duelist to find 40 cards to make a makeshift Deck. From this experience, he learned to appreciate any and all cards, weak or powerful, which have the potential to be useful. After losing to Jaden yet again, he returns to Duel Academy but has to be a Slifer Red. After Duel Academy's "takeover", Chazz had to again make a makeshift Deck of useless cards and still won. From then on, his Deck had a mixture of powerful and weak cards, even though his Deck mostly revolves around weaker cards, namely the Ojama Brothers, Ojama Yellow, Ojama Black and Ojama Green. Despite his begrudging use of the cards and his constant annoyance of their presence, Chazz and the Ojamas have developed something of a close companionship, with the latter being incredibly loyal to him. His personality evolved through the series becoming more an eccentric and a comic relief.

After losing to Sartorius and being brainwashed by him, Chazz becomes ruder and arrogant than before. He becomes obsessed with Sartorius to the point of worshiping his very name causing Jaden's group to find him odd. He even made fun of Zane losing to Aster just to spite Syrus and was responsible for most of Obelisk Blue joining the Society of Light. He also did not care about his Ojama cards at all and threw them away after beating Bastion due to thinking they were too weak. But due to the help from Jaden and Chazz's Ojama cards in their duel, He returned back into his old self again. After getting free from the Light of Destruction, Chazz does not remember that he defeated Alexis and brainwashed her into the Society of Light. After finding out he did before Jaden's duel with her, he feels extreme remorse and gives his rival Ojama Black in order to get her to remember him.

He is also madly in love with Alexis who does not feel the same about him. Even with her brother Atticus's help, he was rejected numerous times. His love for her can cause him to act impulsively such as when he used the sprit keys to get her to date him and allowed Kagemaru to awake.


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Seven Stars

In the beginning of the anime, Chazz is a selfish Duelist who believed himself to be the most elite Duelist in the school. He is the youngest of three brothers, with his siblings Slade and Jagger, heads of the political and financial worlds, respectively. Due to this fact, Chazz is pressured into becoming the head of the Dueling world to ensure the superiority of the Princeton family name ("Manjome Group" in the Japanese version) worldwide.

He is first shown watching the Duel Academy exams noting that Duels here are set at a low level and that coming here was a waste of time. After all, Duel Academy needs only one king, not two (in the dub, he believes that they'll be better to him since they've been in "Duel prep school" for the past three years). After Jaden beats Vellian Crowler he gets shocked at how a "punk like him" could pass so easily.

He first meets Jaden when he and his friends Taiyou Torimaki and Raizou Mototani confront him on being the future King of Games. To prove him wrong, Chazz and Jaden Duel later that night at the Obelisk Blue Duel Arena although the match doesn't end due to the Guards coming.

Despite having access to rare cards provided by Crowler, Chazz is defeated by Jaden Yuki early on in the first year. He later asks Crowler if he can duel Jaden and Syrus as punishment for them trespassing into the Abandoned Dorm which the later does not allow. He watches Jaden and Syrus duel the Paradox Brothers wanting them to be expelled which doesn't happen. He is then overwhelmed by Bastion Misawa, and eventually became so dispirited and confused from his losses that he left Duel Academy to enter North Academy. There, he lost his first Deck, and was forced to build another Deck. At the North Academy he defeated the top Duelists including Czar and became the "king" of the school by Chancellor Foster.

Chazz in his original Obelisk Blue outfit.

Acting as North Academy's representative Duelist during the annual school Duel, he was defeated again by Jaden, but realized the errors of his ways and was finally able to take charge of his own life (during the Duel, Chazz tried to win on his own by using the Deck given to him from North Academy for the Duel as opposed to the Deck that his brothers wanted him to use). He was welcomed back to Duel Academy, but forced to restart his studies out of the Slifer Red dorm. From the ordeal, Chazz obtains a spirit partner in the form of "Ojama Yellow", who Chazz finds annoying.

Due to his Dueling skills, Chazz is chosen as one of the seven keykeepers charged with keeping the Shadow Riders from reviving the Sacred Beast cards. He Bastion and Zane rush to Jaden after he beats Nightshroud and later learn that he was really Atticus Rhodes. When Camula attacks he and Bastion argue over who will duel her but later find out she wants to duel Zane Truesdale. Later on he faces Slade in a Duel to determine ownership of Duel Academy and eventually beats his big brother. In the chain of events leading up to the Duel, Chazz finds "Ojama Black" and "Ojama Green", both of which join "Ojama Yellow" as his spirit partners. He also duels Don Zaloog and beats the Shadow Rider before he could steal the keys. Later in class he, Jaden and Sryus learn about Abidos the Third and later get held hostage on his ship. Once Jaden beats the Shadow Rider he sets them free. During duel monsters sprit day, he and Syrus provide commentary for Dark Magician Girl and Jaden's duel which Jaden wins in the end. Along with Alexis, Chazz loses his Duel against the final Shadow Rider, Amnael. As a consequence, he is sent to an alternate dimension along with the others who lost where she remains unconscious. Jaden manages to free them by finally defeating Amnael, returning them to Earth. After he Alexis and Atticus Rhodes get free from Amneal. his feelings for Alexis Rhodes also become common knowledge; he constantly chases after her, love-struck, despite her protests.

He asked Atticus for help regarding his love towards Alexis, and the two form a plan to take the Seven Spirit Keys and force Alexis to Duel Chazz, with the Keys on the line. If Chazz wins, Alexis must date Chazz, though Alexis won. Due to stealing the keys they awaken Kagemaru the leader of the Shadow Riders. Jaden beats him and life returns to normal. He watches Chumley Huffington duel Crowler and admits he was not half bad. Before the graduation duel starts he gets jealous over the fact that he can not duel Zane. He is present when Jaden duels Zane with the Duel ending in a tie.

Society of Light

In the beginning of the second year, he joins Alexis and Syrus to watch him duel Aster Phoenix with Jaden emerging the winner. Sometime later, Crowler arranges for Chazz to duel Reginald Van Howell with the condition that should he win, he would be able to return to Obelisk Blue. Throughout the duel, Reggie insulted Chazz and his Ojama monsters, but despite this, he proved his strength and won, giving a speech on how no matter what his dorm, he would always be better than Reggie. Because of this, all the Slifer students, convinced he did like the Slifers, began rooting their appreciation despite his protests: in turn, Crowler announces Chazz had chosen to stay in Slifer, much to Chazz's distain. As a result of this, Chazz began renovating the dorm's interior to build a luxurious room just for him: this caused him to room with Jaden and Syrus until Tyranno Hassleberry moved in. When his room was completed, he moved in along with Alexis who took up residence in the dorm, much to his delight. Before Syrus dueled Missy he gives his "Power Bond" card to Chazz to pass to Jaden before the start of the Duel. When Jaden finds out Chazz has Power Bond, he accuses Chazz of stealing it only to tell Jaden that Syrus gave it to him. He and Atticus also wanted Alexis to be a pop star because Chazz thought she would look cute in a dress. After Alexis beats her brother, she doesn't become a pop star.

While looking for Jaden who just disappeared after losing to Aster, Chazz meets and Duels Sartorius for the opportunity to rise to the Pro-Leagues, but loses due to Sartorius playing mind games with him. As a result, he joins the Society of Light, acting as Sartorius' means of converting the top students of Obelisk Blue and Ra Yellow. In the Japanese version, his nickname becomes White Thunder (ホワイトサンダー; Howaito Sandā). However, his love for Alexis Rhodes still continues, much to his embarrassment. He, whenever possible, humorously tries to convince Syrus, Bastion, Hassleberry, and Alexis to join the Society of Light, eventually defeating Alexis thus forcing her to join. He later beats Ishiki Erishi, America Uchimura a Ra Yellow student and Bastion to get them into the Society. After beating Bastion, Chazz discards his Ojama cards, considering them to be too weak.

Chazz alongside "Armed Dragon LV10" while in the Society of Light

After seeing Chazz's ruthlessness when he defeats Pro League Duelist Gelgo during the Genex Tournament with the new White Knight (白騎士団, Shirokishi-dan) Deck given to him by Sartorius, Jaden Duels him with the cards that he himself once used: The Ojama Trio. During the match, Jaden shows Chazz his old black uniform, and Chazz eventually regains his senses, tearing off his white coat (after recovering from the shock of its inability to conceal food stains) to don his signature black one once more. Chazz, back to his old self, retrieves the Ojama Trio to destroy "White Knight Lord", the card representing Sartorius' evil, but in doing so, willingly loses the Duel to an effect of "White Knight Lord". Again in the Japanese version, following the battle, he dons his former outfit, revived as Black Thunder (ブラックサンダー; Burakku Sandā), though others continue calling him by his first nickname in the series. After his defeat in the English version he realizes that while he was in the society he defeated Alexis and vows to rescue her from the Society of Light.

After Chazz realizes he was blinded by Sartorius' powers he had no memory of the earlier parts of the Duel, in fact when Chazz saw "Ojama Yellow" on Jaden's side of the field because of the fact he couldn't remember the time he spent in the Society of Light he thought Jaden stole his Deck. Also it's revealed that as a Slifer Red Chazz acts more like a slob because when he was still his old self he used his old black jacket to wipe up food from the cafeteria. It's also revealed that unlike he is made to believe Chazz harbors a great deal of dislike for the color white. Sometime later he learns that Lucien Grimley was a North Academy student when Jaden duels him during the tournament. When Alexis duels Jaden for the Key, Chazz gives Jaden Ojama Black and tells her a made up poem to help her break free. She finds it annoying and eventually breaks free once Jaden wins much to the relief of Chazz.

Chazz, with the assistance of the remaining Obelisk Blue students, takes on the Society of Light's members to make amends, winning their Genex Medallions in the process. They successfully return most of them to their former selves, releasing Duel Academy from the Society's grip, but before Chazz is declared champion of the Genex Tournament he is challenged by Blair Flannigan, who had come back to Duel Academy in hopes of officially entering Slifer Red. He defeats her, and is therefore allowed to return to Obelisk Blue. In the end, he still returns to Slifer Red after he is accidentally drenched in paint while the Obelisk Blue students are re-painting the Obelisk Blue dorm. Alexis believes it is because he doesn't want to help re-paint the dorm.

Unfortunately for Chazz, Blair took up residence in his room and kicked him out, forcing him to bunk with Jaden once again.

Dimension World

At the start of the third year, he gets introduced to Thelonious Viper survival duels that are said to happen every day. Later on, he watches Jesse and Jaden duel and gets annoyed when he finds out Jesse does not have Rainbow Dragon in his deck. Shortly after the beginning of the third year, Chazz, irked by the superiority and secrecy of the Gecko family, forces Adrian Gecko into a Survival Duel wherein the participants are standing on platforms suspended from helicopters. Although he puts all his strength into attaining victory, he is knocked off his Dueling platform and into the lake with his opponent's final strike.

After Duel Academy is pulled into an alternate dimension, Chazz and the rest of the cast are left to watch the Academy while Jaden and the foreign champions go out to find medicine for Blair's illness. When the Academy itself comes under attack from zombified students, Chazz is unable to repel them indefinitely, and becomes one of them. During his time as a Duel Ghoul, he has his sixth Duel with Jaden, which he loses. He recovers after Duel Academy is returned to its proper place.

When Jaden decides to go rescue Jesse Anderson, Chazz, along with Bastion, Alexis, Syrus, Atticus, Jim Crocodile Cook, and Axel Brodie, willingly volunteers to join him into the other dimension. Later on, Chazz is sacrificed when Jaden Duels against Brron, along with Alexis, Hassleberry, and Atticus. Chazz, along with all the other duelists who where "sent to the stars" are later revealed to all be alive and trapped in another alternate dimension by Yubel, and later returned when Jaden fused with Yubel.


Chazz as the Pro Duelist, "Oja Manjome."

At the beginning of the fourth season, Chazz is promoted to the Obelisk Blue dorm along with Blair and Syrus. He still has his childish crush on Alexis, as indicated by how much he wanted her as his partner during the pair Duel tournament, resulting in an argument with Syrus. Because of this, both he and Syrus end up with no partner, and they sit the tournament out. Chazz also has plans to be a Pro League Duelist without the help of his brothers. Aster takes him under his wing as his student and teaches him about the stressful life of being a Pro League Duelist. After Chazz gets Aster's final Destiny Hero stolen, he talks to Mike, who tells him to go to Duel Academy in Aster's place. Chazz goes on to Duel the Academy's strongest student, which happens to be Jaden. During this Duel, Chazz realizes that learning about the cards does help with a Duel and Chazz would have defeated Jaden with "Chthonian Polymer" if Mike didn't intervene and tell Chazz that all he had to do was give the audience a few laughs. Aster loses his position in the Pro Leagues and ends up Dueling Chazz because of his mistakes. During their Duel, Jaden intervenes and clears things up for the guys and Aster receives the "Final D-Card", "Destiny End Dragoon". Although he Summons it, Chazz Summons "Armed Dragon LV10". Chazz wins by using "Ojama Yellow" to direct attack Aster, dubbing him his "ace" and finishes off the rest of his Life Points with "Pride Shout", a most impressive win under Chazz's belt. This leads to many sponsors calling to sign Chazz on as a Pro.

During Trueman's siege, he is one of the last students to be defeated and sucked into the World of Darkness. In it, Atticus was shown the darkness within Chazz's soul. He was Dueling in the pro league, however he was driven into a situation where he was forced into cheating. Therefore, his darkness was that he wanted to win whatever it takes, the very same reason he joined the Society of Light. To further elaborate, Chazz and the rest are attacked by multiple copies of Trueman who is trying to get everyone mind controlled, while Jaden is not there to stop him. Eventually, Chazz, along with Mindy, Jasmine, Alexis and Atticus were the five remaining students in Duel Academy who were not consumed by Darkness. Chazz bought time for the other three by Dueling against Trueman. Although the Duel is not shown, it can be assumed that it took awhile. Atticus was cornered and defeated by Yusuke before he was, despite his Duel starting much earlier. After his defeat, he is consumed into Darkness. Along with Syrus and Alexis, Yusuke Fujiwara initially has difficulty trying to get him to reveal the darkness in his heart. However, after placing him in illusions of failing in his career as a pro, having to quit, and then losing to a gang of Rare Hunters (apparently going under the same name as the gang in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series) in an ante-Duel. Each of the Duels were nearly identical, with the last turn always being a choice between using the Spell Card "Reload" and Summoning "Ojama Yellow" in defense position, before he lost due to his opponent attacking with "Mad Sword Beast". Eventually he cannot take it anymore, and he is forced to resort to cheating by drawing the second top card of his Deck and if he unintentionally did this during a Pro League match due to his anxiety, he will be banned forever from the Pro League. Should he finally be forced to retire, he will be relieved from all the suffering he had to endure and when this was shown in the World of Darkness, his soul is shown consumed by a black wave of darkness. This illustrates Chazz's fears of not living up to the expectations of his family as well as others, as that is the theme of his darkness illusion. He is revived as Jaden defeats Nightshroud.

Chazz is last seen at the Graduation Party in episode 179. He, Alexis and Syrus end up tying in points in graduation matches. This gives all three of them the right to the copy of Yugi Muto's Deck, but all three opt not to take it, preferring their own Decks. When Alexis dresses up for the party he and Sryus blush over her. In episode 180, his note to Jaden reads "Come whenever you want and let's Duel!"

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

A poster for the WRGP lists one of its sponsors as the "Manjome Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd".[14]


Jaden Yuki

Originally a rival of Jaden, Chazz gets annoyed by Jaden and hated him. However, he gradually becomes close friends with Jaden. Jaden considered them to be friends much earlier than Chazz did. Though their rivalry continues, they form a bond to their shared battles in various arcs. Chazz was even willing to accompany Jaden into the other dimensions to help find Jesse. By the end of the show, Chazz respects Jaden as a Duelist.

Alexis Rhodes

Chazz is madly in love with Alexis. However, Alexis does not return these feelings because of her love with dueling and her crush on Jaden. In the original version of the series, Manjome even goes as far as to address her brother Fubuki as "onii-san," treating him as though he were his brother-in-law. When Chazz was in the Society of Light he brainwashed her and made her join. After breaking free he vowed to save her from the Light's control due to his love for her. The two have dueled twice in the show having one win each.

Bastion Misawa

He and Bastion tend to get on each other's nerves and have argued a lot.

Other appearances


Chazz's Deck changes the most of any Yu-Gi-Oh! character, evolving and growing as his circumstances and outlook on Dueling shift. His initial Deck is a Hell Deck, consisting of powerful Fiend and DARK monsters, including "Chthonian" monsters. This Deck isn't seen at length but appears to have several control elements to it, "Chthonian Polymer" and "Chthonian Soldier" turning an opponent's powerful monsters against them, and "Mefist the Infernal General" and "Helpoemer" discarding cards from the opponent's hand.

During a school exhibition Duel, Vellian Crowler gives Chazz the "VWXYZ" series with the intent for him to humiliate Jaden. These cards focus on combining and fusing together to form powerful Fusion Monsters. Chazz draws the needed monsters into his hand with "Magical Mallet", then summons them to the field quickly by using "Frontline Base", or discarding them to be revived.

When he arrives at North Academy deprived of his Deck, Chazz is forced to scavenge cards from the grounds to make a new Deck. This Deck relies on a One Turn Kill strategy, such as a combo of "Inferno Tempest", "Chaos End" and "Return from the Different Dimension". At this time Chazz acquires "Ojama Yellow" as his spirit partner. As a prize for becoming North Academy's top Duelist, Chancellor Foster grants Chazz the "Armed Dragon" series. This Deck focuses on evolving the "Armed Dragon" monsters into stronger forms and using their effects to destroy opposing monsters by discarding cards from the hand.

When Chazz's brothers attempt to buy out Duel Academy, Chazz is forced to Duel Slade using a Deck of monsters with only 0 ATK. He gathers cards other students have thrown into the Reject Well and forms a largely defensive Deck, protecting himself with monsters with high DEF and limiting Slade's attacks with "The Dark Door". Chazz also acquires "Ojama Black" and "Ojama Green", completing his "Ojama" trio, and beginning to make regular use of them in all future Decks.

At this point for much of the rest of the series, Chazz combines all his previous Decks together, interchangably using his "Ojama", "Armed Dragon" or "VWXYZ" cards. He uses a Power Deck that is continually supplemented with more and more support cards for the themes, largely using his "Ojama" cards as support for his "Armed Dragon" or "VWXYZ" cards, such as with "Ojama Ride".

While serving Sartorius, Chazz adds the "Beetron" cards to his Deck, along with "White Veil" and "Infernal White". Sartorius later grants him a "White Knight" Deck centering on "White Knight Lord". Unlike previous Deck themes, Chazz does not keep the "White Knights" once he leaves the the Society of Light, though he still makes brief use of the "Beetron" cards.

In the manga, Chazz uses a Dragon Deck, with his signature card being his Spirit Partner, "Light and Darkness Dragon".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Prep school Duelists 2 Win (off-screen)
Jaden Yuki 2 No result
Jaden Yuki 4 Lose
Bastion Misawa 12 Lose
45 North Academy students 24 Win
4 North Academy students 24 Win
Czar 24 Win
Jaden Yuki 25-26 Lose
Slade Princeton 35 Win
Don Zaloog 39 Win
Amnael 44 Lose
Alexis Rhodes 47 Lose
Unknown duelist (original only) 54 Win (flashback)
Reginald Van Howell III 54 Win
Jaden Yuki (original only) 60 No result
Sartorius 61 Lose
Taiyou Torimaki 70 Win
Raizou Mototani 70 Win
Various Obelisk Blue students 70 Win
Alexis Rhodes 70 Win
Lorenzo Offscreen Win
Princess Rose Offscreen Win
Bob Banter 81 Win (off-screen)
Ishiki Erishi, America Uchimura and Ra Yellow student 82 Win
Bastion Misawa 82 Win
Genex Tournament Duelists 87 Win (off-screen)
Gelgo 87 Win
Jaden Yuki 87-88 Lose
44 Unknown Duelists 90 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Genex Tournament and Society of Light Duelists 102 Win (with Obelisk Blue Students)
Blair Flannigan 103-104 Win
Adrian Gecko 111-112 Lose
Duel Ghoul 122 Win
5 Duel Ghouls 122 Win
Duel Ghouls 122 Not shown
Jaden Yuki 126 Lose
Tyranno Hassleberry, Bastion Misawa, Alexis Rhodes, and Jim Crocodile Cook 129 Draw (with Syrus Truesdale, Vellian Crowler, and Jean-Louis Bonaparte)
Jaden Yuki 165 Lose
Aster Phoenix 166 Win
Various Duel Academy students 168 Not shown
10 Duel Academy students 171 Not shown
Trueman 173 Lose
Pro League Duelist 173 Lose (vision)
Pro League Duelist 173 Not shown (vision)
Pro League Duelist 174 Not shown (vision)
Rare Hunter 174 Not shown (vision)
Pro League Duelist 174 No result (vision)
Pro League Duelist 178 Not shown (vision)


  • Chazz is the only primary rival whose last name is different in the Japanese and English versions.
  • Ironically despite not wanting to be a Ra Yellow duelist, he eventually becomes a Slifer Red duelist which is lower ranked than Ra.