Chaotic Compliance is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on April 11, 2017, 8:00 PM (EST).


Wield the power of chaos! Black Luster Soldier is among us!

-One of the most powerful Ritual Monsters, "Black Luster Soldier."
-"Superalloy Beast Raptinus," who gives all Gemini Monsters their effects.
-"Symbols of Duty," which can Special Summon a monster from the Graveyard.
-"Seven Tools of the Bandit," which can negate the activation of a Trap Card.
-A total of 100 types of Cards: 10 UR, 12 SR, 32 R, and 46 N.

Each box of Chaotic Compliance contains 200 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards, which will always consist of 2 Normal (aka Common) cards and 1 Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare card. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

  • Ultra Rare: 1 copy
  • Super Rare: 2 copies
  • Rare: 6 copies
  • Normal (aka Common): 8 copies


Chaotic Compliance
Name Rarity Category
Black Luster Soldier Ultra Rare Ritual Effect Monster
Phoenix Gearfried Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Gale Lizard Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Master of Oz Ultra Rare Fusion Effect Monster
Brain Research Lab Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
Symbols of Duty Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
Fusion Sage Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
Eliminating the League Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
Magic Drain Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
Seven Tools of the Bandit Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
Darkstorm Dragon Super Rare Gemini monster
Destructotron Super Rare Effect Monster
Skreech Super Rare Effect Monster
Des Kangaroo Super Rare Effect Monster
Superalloy Beast Raptinus Super Rare Fusion Effect Monster
Gateway to Chaos Super Rare Field Spell Card
Fusion Substitute Super Rare Normal Spell Card
Sorcerous Spell Wall Super Rare Field Spell Card
Double Summon Super Rare Normal Spell Card
Branch! Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
Monster Reincarnation Super Rare Normal Spell Card
Gemini Booster Super Rare Normal Trap Card
Zeta Reticulant Rare Effect Monster
Dragonic Knight Rare Effect Monster
Cyber Dinosaur Rare Effect Monster
Puppet King Rare Effect Monster
Maju Garzett Rare Effect Monster
Escher the Frost Vassal Rare Effect Monster
Skelesaurus Rare Gemini monster
Minefieldriller Rare Effect Monster
Genetic Woman Rare Effect Monster
Telekinetic Shocker Rare Effect Monster
Lekunga Rare Effect Monster
Ghost Fairy Elfobia Rare Effect Monster
DUCKER Mobile Cannon Rare Flip Effect Monster
Card Breaker Rare Effect Monster
Babycerasaurus Rare Effect Monster
Jowls of Dark Demise Rare Flip Effect Monster
Doctor Cranium Rare Effect Monster
Crystal Seer Rare Flip Effect Monster
Outstanding Dog Marron Rare Effect Monster
Big Koala Rare Normal Monster
Luster Dragon #2 Rare Normal Monster
Master Kyonshee Rare Normal Monster
Herculean Power Rare Continuous Spell Card
Chthonian Alliance Rare Equip Spell Card
Earth Chant Rare Ritual Spell Card
Spell Absorption Rare Continuous Spell Card
Array of Revealing Light Rare Field Spell Card
Jar of Avarice Rare Normal Trap Card
Seal of Wickedness Rare Continuous Trap Card
Seismic Shockwave Rare Continuous Trap Card
Weed Out Rare Normal Trap Card
Assault on GHQ Rare Normal Trap Card
Javelin Beetle Normal Ritual Monster
Super War-Lion Normal Ritual Monster
Storm Caller Normal Effect Monster
Space-Time Police Normal Effect Monster
Planet Pathfinder Normal Effect Monster
Prometheus, King of the Shadows Normal Effect Monster
Molten Zombie Normal Effect Monster
Lady Assailant of Flames Normal Flip Effect Monster
Boar Soldier Normal Effect Monster
Skystarray Normal Effect Monster
Second Booster Normal Effect Monster
Seismic Crasher Normal Effect Monster
Stray Asmodian Normal Effect Monster
Sasuke Samurai #3 Normal Effect Monster
Dragoroar Normal Quick-Play Spell Card
ESP Amplifier Normal Quick-Play Spell Card
Foolish Return Normal Quick-Play Spell Card
Tokkosho of Ghost Destroying Normal Equip Spell Card
Psychic Path Normal Normal Spell Card
Domino Effect Normal Continuous Spell Card
Light of Redemption Normal Normal Spell Card
Gift of the Martyr Normal Normal Spell Card
Poison Fangs Normal Continuous Spell Card
Malice Dispersion Normal Quick-Play Spell Card
Weapon Change Normal Continuous Spell Card
Gather Your Mind Normal Normal Spell Card
Card Shuffle Normal Continuous Spell Card
Ring of Magnetism Normal Equip Spell Card
Javelin Beetle Pact Normal Ritual Spell Card
War-Lion Ritual Normal Ritual Spell Card
Black Luster Ritual Normal Ritual Spell Card
Extinction on Schedule Normal Normal Trap Card
Psychic Reactor Normal Normal Trap Card
Machine King - 3000 B.C. Normal Continuous Trap Card
Slip Summon Normal Normal Trap Card
Sanguine Swamp Normal Continuous Trap Card
Destruction Jammer Normal Counter Trap Card
Hard-sellin' Zombie Normal Continuous Trap Card
Aegis of Gaia Normal Continuous Trap Card
Trojan Blast Normal Normal Trap Card
Option Hunter Normal Normal Trap Card
Generation Shift Normal Normal Trap Card
Next to be Lost Normal Normal Trap Card
Simultaneous Loss Normal Normal Trap Card
Prepare to Strike Back Normal Continuous Trap Card
Disturbance Strategy Normal Normal Trap Card
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