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Champion of Black Magic is a Japanese set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

In other languages, it has been amalgamated with Advent of Union to create Magician's Force.


The set contains the "Amazoness" cards used by Mai Valentine and a number of Spellcaster-Type monsters, similar in design to "Dark Magician", many of which use the Spell Counter mechanic. The set reprints "Buster Blader" in Ultimate Rare and contains the Fusion of him and "Dark Magician", "Dark Paladin".

Highly sought after cards include "Breaker the Magical Warrior", "Magical Scientist" and "Tribe-Infecting Virus".


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

There are 54 cards in total or 58 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
303-001 Great Angus グレート・アンガス Common Normal Monster
303-002 Aitsu アイツ Common Normal Monster
303-003 Sonic Duck 音速 (ソニック) ダック Common Normal Monster
303-004 Luster Dragon サファイアドラゴン Super Rare Normal Monster
303-005 Amazoness Paladin アマゾネスの (せい) (せん) () Common Effect Monster
303-006 Amazoness Fighter アマゾネスの (かく) (とう) (せん) () Common Effect Monster
303-007 Amazoness Swords Woman アマゾネスの (けん) () Ultra Rare Effect Monster
303-007 Amazoness Swords Woman アマゾネスの (けん) () Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Monster
303-008 Amazoness Blowpiper アマゾネスの () () (へい) Common Effect Monster
303-009 Amazoness Tiger アマゾネスペット (タイガー) Rare Effect Monster
303-010 Skilled White Magician (じゅく) (れん) (しろ) () (どう) () Super Rare Effect Monster
303-011 Skilled Dark Magician (じゅく) (れん) (くろ) () (じゅつ) () Super Rare Effect Monster
303-012 Apprentice Magician () (なら) () (じゅつ) () Rare Effect Monster
303-013 Old Vindictive Magician (しゅう) (ねん) (ぶか) (ろう) () (じゅつ) () Common Flip monster
303-014 Chaos Command Magician カオス・マジシャン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
303-014 Chaos Command Magician カオス・マジシャン Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Monster
303-015 Magical Marionette 魔法の操り人形 (マジカル・マリオネット) Common Effect Monster
303-016 Pixie Knight ピクシーナイト Common Effect Monster
303-017 Breaker the Magical Warrior () (どう) (せん) () ブレイカー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
303-017 Breaker the Magical Warrior () (どう) (せん) () ブレイカー Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Monster
303-018 Magical Plant Mandragola () (そう) マンドラゴラ Common Flip monster
303-019 Magical Scientist () (どう) サイエンティスト Common Effect Monster
303-020 Royal Magical Library (おう) (りつ) () (ほう) () (しょ) (かん) Common Effect Monster
303-021 Armor Exe () (どう) アーマー エグゼ Rare Effect Monster
303-022 Tribe-Infecting Virus (どう) (ぞく) (かん) (せん) ウィルス Common Effect Monster
303-023 Des Koala デス・コアラ Common Flip monster
303-024 Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Trap Remover (くろ) (さそり) (わな) はずしのクリフ Common Effect Monster
303-025 Magical Merchant () (どう) (ざっ) () (しょう) (にん) Common Flip monster
303-026 Koitsu コイツ Common Union monster
303-027 Cat's Ear Tribe ネコ (みみ) (ぞく) Common Effect Monster
303-028 Ultimate Obedient Fiend (ぜっ) (たい) (ふく) (じゅう) () (じん) Common Effect Monster
303-029 Dark Cat with White Tail () (しろ) (くろ) (ねこ) Common Flip monster
303-030 Amazoness Spellcaster アマゾネスの (じゅ) () () Common Normal Spell Card
303-031 Continuous Destruction Punch カウンターマシンガンパンチ Common Continuous Spell Card
303-032 Big Bang Shot ビッグバン・シュート Common Equip Spell Card
303-033 Gather Your Mind (せい) (しん) (とう) (いつ) Common Normal Spell Card
303-034 Mass Driver マスドライバー Common Continuous Spell Card
303-035 Senri Eye (せん) () (がん) Common Continuous Spell Card
303-036 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer (りゅう) () (かい) (あかし) Common Normal Spell Card
303-037 Jar Robber (つぼ) (ぬす) Common Quick-Play Spell Card
303-038 My Body as a Shield () () (たて) Common Quick-Play Spell Card
303-039 Pigeonholing Books of Spell () (どう) (しょ) (せい) () Common Quick-Play Spell Card
303-040 Mega Ton Magical Cannon メガトン () (どう) キャノン Rare Normal Spell Card
303-041 Pitch-Black Power Stone (しっ) (こく) のパワーストーン Common Continuous Trap Card
303-042 Amazoness Archers アマゾネスの () (きゅう) (たい) Super Rare Normal Trap Card
303-043 Dramatic Rescue (きゅう) (しゅつ) (げき) Common Normal Trap Card
303-044 Exhausting Spell () (りょく) () (かつ) Common Normal Trap Card
303-045 Hidden Book of Spell (かく) された () (どう) (しょ) Common Normal Trap Card
303-046 Miracle Restoring () (せき) (ふっ) (かつ) Common Normal Trap Card
303-047 Remove Brainwashing (せん) (のう) (かい) (じょ) Common Continuous Trap Card
303-048 Disarmament () (そう) (かい) (じょ) Common Normal Trap Card
303-049 Anti-Spell (たい) (こう) () (じゅつ) Common Counter Trap Card
303-050 The Spell Absorbing Life (せい) (めい) (りょく) (きゅう) (しゅう) () (じゅつ) Common Normal Trap Card
303-051 Dark Paladin (ちょう) () (どう) (けん) () -ブラック・パラディン Secret Rare Effect Fusion Monster
303-051 Dark Paladin (ちょう) () (どう) (けん) () -ブラック・パラディン Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Fusion Monster
303-052 Double Spell 二重魔法 (ダブルマジック) Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
303-053 Diffusion Wave-Motion (かく) (さん) する () (どう) Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
303-054 Buster Blader バスター・ブレイダー Ultimate Rare Effect Monster