Champion Pack: Game One is Tournament Booster Pack set in the TCG that contains 20 highly-competitive cards from winning tournament decks and a brand new Ultra Rare card. Made exclusively for hobby and tournament stores across the U.S. and Europe, the new Championship Packs were supposed to be available on October 11, 2006, but they were delayed, being released in late November. The packs includes Super Rare foil cards as "Night Assailant", "Book of Moon", and "Metamorphosis", and introduces the new Ultra Rare Monster Card from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, "Satellite Cannon", which was only available in the OCG.

Even though this Pack apparently was not released in Spanish, it is listed on the Spanish version of the official card database. Curiously, it uses the French name.[1]


Each pack contains 3 cards: 1 Rare and 2 Commons.

This set contains 20 cards:




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