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Champion Pack: Game Five is the fifth in the Champion Pack series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


Each pack contains 3 cards: 1 Rare and 2 Commons.

This set contains 20 cards, including:



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
CP05-FR001"Fiend's Sanctuary""Sanctuaire du Démon"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
CP05-FR002"Giant Germ""Germe Géant"Super RareEffect Monster
CP05-FR003"Magical Merchant""Marchand Ésotérique"Super RareFlip monster
CP05-FR004"Wave-Motion Cannon""Canon Ondulatoire"Super RareContinuous Spell Card
CP05-FR005"Trap Dustshoot""Chausse-Trape"Super RareNormal Trap Card
CP05-FR006"Dark Necrofear""Necrofear des Ténèbres"RareEffect Monster
CP05-FR007"Blowback Dragon""Dragon à Recul"RareEffect Monster
CP05-FR008"Dark Ruler Ha Des""Ha Dès le Gouverneur des Ténèbres"RareEffect Monster
CP05-FR009"Deck Devastation Virus""Virus Démoniaque de Destruction de Deck"RareNormal Trap Card
CP05-FR010"Pulling the Rug""Couper l'Herbe Sous Le Pied"RareCounter Trap Card
CP05-FR011"Anti-Spell Fragrance""Parfum Anti-Magie"RareContinuous Trap Card
CP05-FR012"Amazon of the Seas""Amazone des Mers"CommonNormal Monster
CP05-FR013"Protector of the Sanctuary""Protecteur du Sanctuaire"CommonEffect Monster
CP05-FR014"Double Coston""Double Coston"CommonEffect Monster
CP05-FR015"Rescue Cat""Chat Sauveteur"CommonEffect Monster
CP05-FR016"D.D. Crow""Corbeau D.D."CommonEffect Monster
CP05-FR017"Hammer Shot""Coup du Marteau"CommonNormal Spell Card
CP05-FR018"Thousand Knives""Mille Couteaux"CommonNormal Spell Card
CP05-FR019"Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell""Sceau Maudit de la Magie Interdite"CommonCounter Trap Card
CP05-FR020"Spirit Barrier""Barrière Spirituelle"CommonContinuous Trap Card