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2,200 +
00002200 +
Noble Knight +
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CentaurMina-JP-Anime-5D.png +
1,600 +
00001600 +
Centaur Mina +
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自分のターンに1度、相手の罠カードの発動と効果を無効にし、再びフィールド上にセットする事ができる。| +
ケンタウルミナ +
Once during each of your turns, you can negate the activation of an opponent's Trap Card, and return it to its original position.| +
Anime +
Limited activations +  and Female +
Negates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards +
CentaurMina-JP-Anime-5D-NC.png +
Centaur Mina (anime) +
Card page +
Kentaurumina +
ケンタウルミナ +
2 Fusion Materials +  and Requires only specific monsters as Fusion Materials +