• There is an unknown relation between this monster and "Warrior of Zera". This is supported by:
    • Both monsters sharing the name "Zera" in their card names.
    • The sword hilt of "Warrior of Zera" resembling this monster's face.
    • This monster having the same ATK, DEF and Level as some of the evolutions of "Warrior of Zera": "Angel of Zera", "Archlord Zerato", "Mazera DeVille", and "Darklord Zerato".
    • "Warrior of Zera" appearing in the artwork "Zera Ritual", the default Ritual Spell Card needed to Ritual Summon this card.
      • This card might be a representation of an alternate path that “Warrior of Zera” takes in his journey, should he choose to become a Fiend instead of an Angel (“Archlord Zerato”).
  • This is one of the few cards that does not have an 8-digit passcode in its lower left corner.
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