• This card appears to be based on the left half of a Torii gate, a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of– or within –a Shinto shrine. These gates are intended to symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred in these temples, and come in a variety of forms and materials.
    • Fittingly, this monster has a red-faced counterpart which forms the right half of the gate; "Yosenju Shinchu R."
    • Its name literally means "left sickle god pillar".
  • The ogre-esque face featured on this card could be a reference to the classic "Red Oni, Blue Oni" trope featured in many works of fiction.
    • A character shown as a Blue Oni is more intellectual, proud, traditional, introverted, and cultured (sometimes more spiritual, although that's not guaranteed). Blue oni personalities are often respected by others, but also likely to puzzle or confound their peers because they are difficult to read and have a mysterious quality to them.
    • The use of the "Red Oni, Blue Oni" trope on "Urenjinchuu" and "Sarenjinchuu" likely also reflects the left and right Pendulum Zones, which share the same blue-red dichotomy.
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