• This is most likely the last "Worm" monster due to its name having the letter 'Z'.
  • This is the first Fusion Monster for a Duel Terminal archetype.
  • This appears to be a "hive" of "Worms" rather than an individual monster; its effects seem to be related to "spawning" new "Worms" and providing massive support for the monsters.
  • This card is similar in appearance to Legion, a recurring boss in the Castlevania series, which is also produced by Konami.
  • This card's artwork has the same city showed in "Worm Call" (and possibly, the same city in "Future Fusion", which could imply that "Future Fusion" is good way to summon this monster).
  • This monster bears a strong resemblance to the Earth's Moon; this is further supported by the fact that the front face of "Zero" (shown in this card's artwork) has a look that alludes to the so-called 'Old Man of the Moon face' that can be seen in its full moon phase.
  • The Spanish print of this card refers to the "Worm" archetype name as "Gusano/a" instead of "Gusano".
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