• This card represents the Ultimate God entity in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. It is named after Ultimaya (which in Hindi means the inversion of Cosmic Illusion, the great Magic (same root) that makes the one Oversoul think it is many, and lost in the unfathomable Samsara) and Tzolk'in (the basic cycle of the Maya calendar).
  • This is the first Synchro Monster that cannot be Synchro Summoned.
    • Also, despite its release as a Synchro Monster, its Summoning requirements simulate those of a Dark Synchro Monster. Indeed, the Tuner monster and the non-Tuner monster required must be of the same Level and the subtraction of those Levels would have 0 as a result, this card's Level.
  • This is the first Level 0 Monster to be printed.
    • This is the second Monster Card to be printed with 0 Level/Rank "stars", after "Number F0: Utopic Future". Similar to it, it has 0 ATK and DEF and a condition that treats it as having a specific Level/Rank other than 0. Both monsters also appeared in the final battles of their respective series.