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** Coincidentally, this card and the latter restrict [[Summon]]s.
** Coincidentally, this card and the latter restrict [[Summon]]s.
* This card is part of the "Tyrant" [[Continuous Trap Card]] series: "[[Tyrant's Temper]]", "[[Tyrant's Tirade]]", "[[Tyrant's Tantrum]]", along with the previously mentioned "Tyrant's Tummyache".
* The emperor from this card appears in the artwork of "[[The Emperor's Holiday]]", "[[Tyrant's Temper]]", "[[Tyrant's Tirade]]", "[[Tyrant's Tantrum]]", "[[Tyrant's Tummyache]]", "[[Double Payback]]", "[[The Huge Revolution is Over]]", "[[Asleep at the Switch]]", "[[Turnabout]]" and "[[Retort]]".
** Along with his appearances in these cards, the tyrant can also be seen in: "[[The Emperor's Holiday]]" and "[[Asleep at the Switch]]".

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