• This monster might be based upon Ketev Meriri, a demon in Jewish folklore. Ketev Meriri is a demon with a body full of eyes and shells, with a large eye on his chest.
  • This card was the first Fusion Monster with an effect to be released.
  • Including the main golden eye, the two green eyes, and eyes that can only be partially seen, this monster has 56 visible eyes.
  • This card is one of the few Fusion Monsters, if not the only Fusion Monster, with the same Attribute, Type, Level, ATK and DEF as all its Fusion Materials.
  • This card was the first Level 1 Fusion Monster, and held the record for being the only Level 1 Fusion Monster until the release of "Fullmetalfoes Alkahest", nearly 16 years later.
  • The lore from this card's original print did not mention that the equipped monster is destroyed instead when "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" would be destroyed battle.
    • Since this card prevents other monsters from attacking, this effect can only be used when this cards' effects would be negated when an attack is declared, but then aren't negated anymore during the damage step.
    • Alternatively, it could happen when this card attacks a stronger monster in Attack position, possibly due to the activation of attack-changing cards (i.e. "Honest") or with the intent of destroying the equipped monster and equip the stronger one during Main Phase 2.
  • This card's effects share some similarities with "Destiny HERO - Plasma", as both monsters equips one monster the opponent controls and gain their attack, and also, they have effects that neutralize some of the monster's actions on the field ("Plasma" negate monsters effects, while "Thousand-Eyes" negate changes of battle positions and attacks).
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