• The three Roads "The Sky Lord", "The Spiritual Lord", and "The Material Lord" are all in reference to the three phases of apocalypse brought about by the coming of The Crawling Chaos, from the eponymous short story by H.P. Lovecraft. (It is no coincidence that these three cards summon The Light Ruler, the dragon form of Nyarlathotep.)
    • In the anime, this trio of cards also makes reference to the Tower of Hanoi (also known as the Tower of Brahma). Whenever one is activated, a particular "size" of [Arcana Force] monster must be in the graveyard, and for two of them, a discard from the deck must be made of one "size" higher--making "moves" with the golden disks. One must have the smaller "size" moved before one can move the larger "size." Also, each card, when the summon effect is activated, unleashes a pillar of light (one red, one blue, one green--which it's interesting to note that when all put together in the light spectrum, make white)--three pillars of light. As such, it's implied "the end of the world" (summoning the EX Ruler) comes about by managing to get this trio of cards in play.
      • The size of the three different types of golden disks is represented through the three groups of seven non-EX Arcana Force monsters. [The Material Lord] is the no-tribute set, as such the smallest "size;" it requires a Level 4 or lower material be in the grave, then that you send from deck to grave a Level 5-6 material. [The Spiritual Lord] is the one-tribute set; it requires a Level 5-6 material be in the grave, then that you send from deck to grave a Level 7+ material. [The Sky Lord] is the two-tribute set, as such the largest "size;" even though it only states that it must have a Level 7+ material in the grave, once the other two Roads' requirements have been met, you've made all the moves required to reconstruct "the tower."
        • These three groupings of seven are also based on the three "roads" of the Tarot: The Magician through The Chariot (all non-tribute monsters, 1-7), The Strength through Temperance (all one-tribute monsters, 8-14), and The Devil through The World (all two-tribute monsters, 15-21). There is proof that the divisions in categorizing the Arcana Force in this way is valid, in that The Chariot and The Strength are butted up next to one another in number (7 & 8) and Temperance and Devil are also in succession (14 & 15). So in being representative of ending the world, it is also implied that The Fool has also reached the end of his "journey" because he's encountered something from each stage of his path.
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