• Inti is the Incan god of the sun. It was believed that he was the source of warmth and protection of the people. Inca Emperors also believed that they were direct descendants of him.
    • "Inti" is also the Quechuan word for "sun".
  • In Incan mythology, Inti's son was Manco Cápac (which has a card version, "Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu"), the 1st king of Cuzco, and his wife was the Moon Goddess Mama Quilla (which also has a card version, "Moon Dragon Quilla").
    • The relationship between Inti and Quilla is displayed by this card being the opposite of "Moon Dragon Quilla":
      • This card is a Synchro Monster; "Quilla", though it is a Synchro Monster in the OCG/TCG, is a Dark Synchro Monster in the anime.
      • "Inti" is LIGHT; "Quilla" is DARK.
      • Both cards are drawn in opposite poses and have opposite color schemes.
      • This card's effect inflicts damage, while the effect of "Quilla" increases LP.
  • The Special Summon effects of this card and "Moon Dragon Quilla" personify the actual cycle of the sun and the moon.
  • It has 300 more DEF than the rival aces.
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