• This monster is based on Cupid.
  • This card has the shortest effect text of any monster in the TCG (Errata'd card).
  • This monster's crown in its TCG artwork is the exact same crown as the one "King Fog" possesses.
  • Despite the card artwork not showing this monster's body, the anime and its Capsule Monsters piece, shows this card to have a body.
  • All of this monster's TCG names are a portmanteau of the words for "skeleton" and "angel", except for the Italian name simply meaning "Skeletal Angel". Ironically, it has anything but a visible skeletal structure. Its Japanese name is a pormanteau of 透ける (sukeru "to be invisible") and エンジェル (enjeru "angel"). The Korean name (스켈엔젤 Seuker-enjel) probably uses the English pun, while the Chinese name (隱形天使 Yǐnxíng Tiānshǐ) literally means "invisible angel".
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