• This card's first effect is a reference to the effect of "Card of Sanctity" in the anime.
    • The effect which requires a "Silent Magician" monster, and activation during the Battle Phase, is a reference to "The Final Duel - Part 4". In this episode, Yugi activates "Spell Textbook", by the effect of which he draws and immediately activates "Card of Sanctity" during Atem's Battle Phase, causing Yugi to draw 6 cards and Atem to draw 5, which increases the ATK of "Silent Magician LV0" enough to defeat Atem's "Dark Magician".
    • Ironically, despite the above reference, this card does not allow you to put 6 counters on "Silent Magician LV4" due to the 6 cards drawing being treated as happening simultaneously instead of 6 separate draws - "Silent Magician LV4" gains a counter for each draw, instead of for each card drawn like "Silent Magician LV0". As a result, "Silent Magician LV4" would only gain 1 counter.
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