• "G" stands for "Gokiburi," the Japanese word for cockroach.
  • This card's art likely references how this card is used--it "hides" in the graveyard between your other cards and becomes a nuisance when the opponent least wants it to.
  • This card is related to "Maxx "C"". This card only shows one cockroach, while "Maxx 'C'" shows many cockroaches.
  • This monster is based off of the Smokey Brown Cockroach- a common pest in Japan known for its shiny, black-colored body. In addition, the background it appears against, which it shares with the rest of its archetype; the Japanese-style living arrangements in the card artworks of the previous "C" monsters implied that they were based off of common roaches native to Japan (further reinforced by the fact that these monsters invade homes en-masse and known to be adept flyers, which are characteristic of this species).
  • This card's name may be a reference to the manga/anime One Piece, where Usopp fires an attack he first calls "Kurobikariboshi" (Shiny Black Star) but later reveals it to be "Gokiburiboshi" (Cockroach star).
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