• This is one of only two cards in the game that are guaranteed to end the Duel on the turn they are successfully played face-up, though they do not explicitly mention winning the Duel in their effects. The other card is "Spirit Message "L"".
    • This is the only card designed specifically to end the Duel in a DRAW.
    • This is also the only card in the game that, objectively, cannot win you a game as it’s designed to force a Tie. While “Ring of Destruction” (pre-errata) and “Last Turn” were also capable of forcing a Tie, they were not designed as such, and could still win you a game if played under the right conditions.
  • This card's effect is comparable to that of "Life Equalizer", which also forces both players' Life Points to the same value and requires a high difference between the players' LP to activate.
  • This is the only card that was banned due to being used to troll others in Duel, such as using a stall deck to waste time to force a tie, then going into overtime and using burn cards like "Sparks" to win the match.
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