• This card's Japanese name is a pun on "Antlion" (蟻地獄, Arijigoku) and "Self-destruction" (自爆, Jibaku).
  • This monster's name and artwork are based on Colobopsis saundersi, a Malaysian and Bruneian species of ant that can perform suicidal altruism by violently contracts its abdominal muscles to rupture its gaster. As a result, it also bursts its mandibular glands, thereby spraying a sticky secretion in all directions from its head; this glue can immobilize and ward off potential threats as it is a corrosive and irritative adhesive.
    • This species of ant's special quirk is embodied in both of this card's effects--it's flip effect is this self-sacrificial act that "injures" both players with 1000 LP damage each and it second effect is this same kind of damage for its death, albeit as a consequence to a potential threat (the opponent) making an attempt on its life for the sake of either itself or its nest (this monster's controller.)
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